Luerd Kattiya
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Luerd Kattiya

The Princess


After The Ruler of Yasothorn state was assassinated, his daughter, Princess Tippayarat-Darakumaree is relegated and live her life as a common girl. She accidentally meets Anothai, a son of the former right-hand soldier and he just knows her as Dara, a common girl. They become friend and develop to love each other later.

With his intention and his father's hope, Anothai attends the military school because he dreams to be a soldier to protect his country as that his father implant him since he was a child. Finally, he can be a soilder as he wish and becomes commandant later. Anyway, he just realizes the truth that Dara, a girl who he loves, actually is the third crown princess of Yasothorn. Anothai is very sorry to know that a common man like him can never reach a royal princess like her. But with his great love, he intends to do everything to help her to succeed the throne as a Queen of the Confederation State although his duty have to exchange with his life.

Phiyada Akkrasenee (Aom) - Princess Tippayaratdara-Kumaree
Jesadaporn Pholdee (Tik) - Anothai
Krit Hiranpruk - Prince Sittiprawat
Mayurin Pongpudpun - Princess Khaekhai-Jaras
Supakij Tangtatsawas (Man) - Prince Chaiyan
Duentem Salitul - Princess Panuprapas

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