Lunamaria Hawke
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Lunamaria Hawke

Kira Yamato (キラ・ヤマト, Kira Yamato?) is a fictional character in the Gundam universe. He is the main protagonist of the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and an important character in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.

Kira has done well on popularity polls in Anime Grand Prix. He came in first place in 2002 and 2005. Kira, along with five other notable mecha and pilots from the various Gundam series, were recognized in the second set of "Anime Heroes and Heroines" stamps, released in Japan in 2005.

Kira is a first-generation Coordinator. At the beginning of Gundam SEED, Kira lives on the neutral space colony Heliopolis to avoid the Bloody Valentine War. An expert in computer science, he assists with research and development at the Heliopolis technical college he attended. In both Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny, his friendship with Athrun Zala forms one of the main themes of the story.

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