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Yoshikawa Haruo is a normal junior high student. Actually, to be honest, he's very stupid. His only pride lies in his perfect attendance, and his dream for the future is to live a long life.
He lives with his three cute sisters peacefully. However, one day, a beautiful girl named Mamiya Ayumi transfers into his class. For various reasons, she ends up living in Haruo's house as a maid. Unknown to Haruo though, Ayumi is a cursed witch. To break her curse she needs Haruo's magical power and plots to awaken it. To protect Haruo from Ayumi, his three younger sisters work together to foil her plots. Surprisingly, they're also witches. Haruo's normal days turn to turmoil. Will he break Ayumi's curse? What happened to Ayumi that caused her to be cursed?
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Ayumi Mamiya (lead)Sakura Nogawa
Chiaki Yoshikawa (lead)
Fuyuno Yoshikawa (lead)Tomoko Kaneda
Haruo Yoshikawa (lead)Mitsuhiro Ichiki
Hongo-sensei (lead)
Maika Yoshikawa (lead)Mai Nakahara
Marin Nijihara (lead)
Michiru Mamiya (lead)Natsuko Kuwatani
Rika Anju (lead)Nana Inoue
Yuri Kurosu (lead)Noriko Namaki
Hajime Hario