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Alternative Names:

The Devil

Devil King

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2008
Episodes: 11
Type: Series
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Fans: 1128
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Episodes: TBA

This drama is a remake of the popular suspense drama The Devil that was aired in Korea last year. Ohno Satoshi will be playing the role of a two-faced lawyer, one of which is a kind hearted soul and the other who is plotting revenge, using his brilliant mind, on the person who killed his relative. On the other hand, Ikuta Toma will play the double lead role of the man, who has become a detective due to his dark past, who is pursuing the mysterious series of murders and fighting against the devil (maou).
(source: dramawiki)

Ohno Satoshi as Naruse Ryo
Ikuta Toma as Serizawa Naoto
Kobayashi Ryoko as Sakita Shiori
Tanaka Kei as Kasai Hitoshi
Oshinari Shugo as Souda Mitsuru
Waki Tomohiro as Ishimoto Yosuke
Uehara Misa as Takatsuka Kaoru
Shinohara Mai as Nishina Eri
Shimizu Yutaka as Yamano Makoto
Iida Kisuke as Ishihara Kanrikan
Tonesaku Toshihide as Kurata Takashi
Kichise Michiko as Serizawa Mari
Gekidan Hitori as Serizawa Noriyoshi
Miyake Yuji as Nakanishi Hiromichi
Ishizaka Koji as Serizawa Eisaku

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Naruse Ryo (lead)Ohno Satoshi
Sakita Shiori (lead)Kobayashi Ryoko
Serizawa Naoto (lead)Ikuta Toma
Souda MitsuruOshinari Shugo
Yamano Keita