Alternative Names:

The Devil

Devil King

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2008
Episodes: 11
Type: Series
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Maou: definately worth watching

Story: After the first few minutes of the first episode I thought this was going to be a basic good versus evil plot. However, as it continued the plot thickened and the characters were very complex. There are unexpected twists and the ending was pretty suprizing. I really enjoyed the story. On the down side there was supposed to be some sort of "love triangle" but it was hardly even really noticable and the two leads didn't have very much interaction until the later episodes. It's a really good suspence drama though.
Acting: I have never really watched Ohno before, but his acting was suprizingly great. I loved his character. I have loved Ikuta Toma ever since I watched Hana Kimi, but I thought his performance could have been better in this drama.
Music: I didn't like the theme song at first, but it kind of grew on me. The rest of the music didn't really make an impression.
Overall: This drama was definately worth the watch, and I really did enjoy it, but it wasn't the best. I haven't watched the korean version so I don't know how good it would have been if I had (due to comparisons I would make).