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MapleStory Private Server!
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30 / M
Posted 7/20/08  Reply  Quote

EricaYulaAthha wrote:

do u have to pay for private server?

no you dont
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F / In a corner .
Posted 7/21/08  Reply  Quote
o so... how do u download it?
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Posted 7/28/08  Reply  Quote
I played the Legacy Maple story. 100x Exp, 15 x the meso, 5x the drop rate, everyday there's an event and you can reset ur stats in the beginning
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23 / F / in THAT person's...
Posted 8/20/08  Reply  Quote

x300 exp, forgot the meso n drop rate xD

-4th job
-no lag
-skills maxed
-free transport

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25 / M / Ipoh
Posted 8/21/08  Reply  Quote
sakura ms
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23 / F / Singapore
Posted 8/27/08  Reply  Quote
NyMS <3

300x exp.
10x drop.
35x meso.

not as good as many other servers, but i love it
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20 / F / :D Dead
Posted 8/31/08  Reply  Quote
1200x mesos
1000x exp
I think
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27 / F
Posted 10/12/08  Reply  Quote

VorpalSlash wrote:

Hmm OdinMS ? I play DagonMS .. ->
100x EXP
100x Drop Rate
100x Mesos
Friendly GMs
Not sure about Events
Wizet Invincibility Hat (Doesn't make u invincible)
It gives the following stats (+999 to all stats , 200 to Wpn & Mag Defense , +30 Jump , +50 Speed , Other I can't remember)
Go to , go to downloads and download the game client
Cons (really bad) ->
No 4th Job
Need to add 25 dex if u want to thief even if u have the Wizet Hat
Some NPCs cannot talked too

so sad dagon die T.T
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28 / F / New York
Posted 10/13/08  Reply  Quote

1000X exp
1000x mesos
30x drop

Rebirths, Gm events every hour freindly Gms blah blah blah
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28 / M / My green wolf den
Posted 10/24/08, Edited 10/24/08  Reply  Quote
i play WingedMS 1st to 4th job + pirate works on v60 friendly gm alot of ppl FM rooms fill with monsters can rebirth at lvl 200
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28 / F / Kuala Lumpur, Mal...
Posted 10/27/08  Reply  Quote
hmm... i play in xDreamer rite now

200x exp rate, 20x drop rate and 200x mesos drop rate

- XD-MS Client Resizable Window mode (no dxwind needed) or Fullscreen
- Fully customly scripted server, NO noob-repacks
-Friendly GMs: Fun Events
-NO Hamachi
- Daily Backups
-Use in-game commands such as @commands, @help, @mobinfo, @jobchange, @die, @pvp, @warp, @sexchange, and more

- Level up to 250!
- 4th jobs and 4th jobs' skills working
- ULTIMATE JOB at 5th rebirth
- Cash Shop (Buy NX in-game at Free market)
- PETS including Dragons!!!
- Player vs Player (PVP) in Channel 8
- Field of Judgement (Talk to Ria)
- Rebirth/Reborn 5 times at level 200
- Auto 3rd and 4th job change
- Trade button warps you to free market
- Gachapon
- Guild Party Quest
- Kerning Party Quest
- Ludi Party Quest
- Jump Quests
- Guilds
- New money system

- Custom NPCs: Cody is the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th job advancer
- Duey maxes all skills only at level 140
- Spinel is the universal warper
- Coco sells Item Buffs
- 4th Job NPCs sells level 70+ job equipments
- Spiegelmann sells scrolls
- Icebyrd Slimm sells glimmer equipments
- Mr. Moneybags is the new money system
- Mia sells chairs
- Mom and Dad sells NX rings
- Wisp sells NX effects
- 24 Hr Moble Store sells NX packages
- Fredrick sells NX messengers (smegas)
- Spindle sells cracks, morph items, red draco, and more will be added

- And a whole lot more! Vote for us!

- Rebirths( no need to donate) some Website need!
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Posted 11/9/08  Reply  Quote
SkillZ MS

Its a good maple private server
I'm not so sure of everything but I know that theres 4th jobs and you start out with 2mill and you can rebirth *meaning your level 200 nightlord and rebirth to bishop and still have nightlord skills*

thats the site download the v.55 ms on there game download button and then download the private server and drag skillzms7 to maplestory folder or v.55 folder which ever is the maple story folder

My IGN is Technical, add me if you want and ill look forward playin with ya guys =]
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Posted 11/10/08  Reply  Quote

you guys should go play Ancient Maplestory...
i play there and it is pretty cool

if you guys play there..find me and i'll help you guys lvl..

ign= FierceNoob
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25 / F / Malaysia
Posted 11/15/08  Reply  Quote
I play SydneyMS^^

Love it~~^^

I forgot the rate though, but fast lvl up~~^^
Unlimited Rebirth^^
Hate it when Keyboard Wipe and Laggy....

But it is a good server^^
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M / Malaysia
Posted 11/19/08  Reply  Quote
I don't see any point in Private Servers. You level way too fast, and it gets boring very quickly. You will only truely be proud if you achieve something in the real MS. So quit Private server! -.-
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