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What's ur name for Maple Servers?
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F / ★ On the Stars ★
Posted 1/26/13, Edited 2/3/13  Reply  Quote
Scania: FacimaShadow
That's not my main, btw.

Feel free to add me, but I might need to make room for my buddy list, so just comment on my page.
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22 / M / Illinois
Posted 10/3/13  Reply  Quote
does anyone play still?

i just got back into maplestory so if anyone would like to play with me, they're more than welcome c:

GMS, Scania : Kouhaiii
(don't mind the name, i ran outa ideas and just threw one out there so i could play lmao)
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25 / M
Posted 11/4/13  Reply  Quote
World: Khaini
Name: QuackOutLoud

lf anyone wants to play together please let me know!
lt gets lonely because our server is so empty hahaha, l'm currently Lv 193, but l do have lower level characters!
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