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Maplestory, a game with friends and mmo fun.

Maplestory in summary is a free online mmo made by nexon. A place where you can talk to friends, and kill monsters to level up, become stronger and compete. Maplestory can become really repetitive in nature, you will end up doing the same things over and over again to level up. Overall it is a really addicting game. The game is funner if you have friends to talk to. Join up in a guild to play with lots of friends at the same time. You can also trade items, and be a merchant to make tons of in game money, called mesos.

Maplestory has a fun way of chatting with others. You can whisper to different people, and talk in party, buddy, family, spouse ( you can get married in game) or guild. You can use emoticon faces, to make chatting funner and more expressive. Your avatar will change faces in game.

Maplestory is filled with adventure and action. You might want to try this one, it deserves recognition