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Maria Takarada
Skip Beat!
By Hiromi Konno
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Maria Takarada

Maria is the granddaughter of the President of L.M.E. and used to use her cute appearance to get people's sympathy. She did so before Kyōko's audition, however Kyōko recognized this, and called her out on it. While some people would be angry at Kyōko, Maria began to idolize her, and views her as an ultimate big sister. Maria also suffered from a huge guilt complex from her believing that she is the cause of her mother's death. As a result, Maria was unable to talk or even be around her father, since she thought that he hated her. Kyōko managed to make Maria understand that her father didn't hate her, or think that Maria caused her mother's death. Maria also loves to dabble with black magic (along with Kyouko's side) and also has a large crush on Ren Tsuruga.

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Skip Beat!
Extended Information

Maria is the granddaughter of the President of LMC. She is 8 years old. She absolutely adores Ren and uses curses and etc. in the hopes that he will one marry her. She also views Kyoko as her older sister. Her mother and father are both very famous and mostly absent from her life. Her mother died in a plane crash on her birthday several years ago and Maria blames herself and believes that everybody else (especially her father) blames her for her mother's death. After Kyoko acts out a scene that reflects a great deal on the conflicts that Maria goes through when she thinks about her relationship with her father, Maria finally realizes that her father does in fact love her.