Marry me
Alternative Names:

我們結婚吧 (我们结婚吧)

Wo Men Chieh Hun Pa (Wo Men Jie Hun Ba)

Marry Me!

Let's Get Married

Country of Origin: Taiwan
Year Produced: 2006
Air Date: Jul 19, 2006 to Aug 18, 2006
Episodes: 20
Main Cast: (alphabetical)
Bian Dang
By Mike He
Xiao Qing
By Queena Liu
Type: Series
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Marry me

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Cold feet on the wedding day? This is the story about an idol who gets dumped at his own wedding.

After his sudden rise to stardom, the actor Liu Yu Ming, nicknamed Bian Dang (Lunch Box), overruled his agency's objections and decided to get married. When the news had spread, chaos reigned. His fans were very upset about his impending wedding and fights broke out outside the church. Then, they found out... The bride was a no-show. In the ensuing chaos, Bian Dang and his makeup artist, Xiao Qing, put on disguises and sneak past the paparazzi.

The aggressive paparazzi force Bian Dang to go into hiding. With no home to go back to, Xiao Qing introduces him to a strange place called "The Escape Pod." Everyone who stays there to wants to run away from their old lives. There was Poki who tried to escape his debt in Japan, Wen Zi Yu (Fish) who was running away from home, and there was the owner of The Escape Pod, Chuan Tou (The Captain). In this place, they began a magical love story of running away from and being ran away from.

* Mike He as 便當 Bian Dang
* Liu Zhe Ying as 小晴 Xiao Qing
* Yang Yi Zhan(楊一展) as 高手 Gao Shou
* Lai Zhi Wei as 米粉 Mi Fen
* Zhou Cai Shi(周采詩) as 可樂 Ke Le
* Xia Jing Ting(夏靖庭) as 船頭 Chuan Tou
* Yang Qi(楊淇) as 花枝 Hua Zhi
* Kitamura Toyoharu as Poki
* Na Dou(納豆) as 吻仔魚 Wen Zi Yu
* Lin Yi Hong(林逸宏) as 漂流木 Piao Liu Mu
* Jin Gang cameo as Bian Dang's co-worker

Genre: Romance
Opening theme song: Wo Ai Ni by Xiao He Shuo
Ending theme song: Mei Tian . Mei Tian by Fang Da Tong
Insert song: Na Yi Nian by Chen Wen Hua

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Liu Xue Rong
Producers: Liu Fu Ting, Huang Jiang Feng
Director: Xu Zhao Ren

Source; Drama Wiki
Mike He
Zhou Cai Shi