Masaya Aoyama
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Masaya Aoyama

Masaya Aoyama (青山 雅也, Aoyama Masaya) is first introduced in Tokyo Mew Mew as a classmate of Ichigo who invites her to visit an exhibit on endangered species. Ichigo has a crush on him, though she thinks he is oblivious to her—when Ichigo trips and falls on him, accidentally kissing him in the process, Masaya doesn't seem to react at all. Ichigo worries that he doesn't feel anything for her, but it is shown a few chapters later that he does feel the same, calling Ichigo his "all-time favorite kitty" and by tying a bell around her neck so he won't lose track of her. In describing him to readers, Ichigo notes that Masaya is "smart", "cute", "very athletic" and "popular at school", and that she loves his smile the most. Masaya realizes that Ichigo is Mew Ichigo the first time he sees the Mew Mews, but he keeps it to himself because he realized she didn't want him to know—he only reveals that he knew, confesses that he loves her and promises to keep her secret after an attack by Kish forces Ichigo to transform in front of Masaya.

In terms of personality, Masaya is shown to be a very polite and calm person, though he does have moments when he yells at others in anger. When Ichigo appeared to put herself in danger during a date to the zoo, Masaya yelled at Ichigo and making her think he hates her, before giving her the bell. He also shows some jealousy when meeting Ryou, and possessiveness in reminding Ichigo that he is the one who put a bell on her. Towards the end of the series, Masaya reveals that as a child he decided that "being good" was his way to survive and be adopted out of the orphanage where he was raised. He acted the role of the "perfect child" to live up to people's expectations. In truth, he was sick of humans and disgusted by how they treated the planet. Ichigo was the sole exception, and it was only with her that he felt like a "real human being". He is also is shown to have a deep concern for the Earth's environment and actively supporting recycling and cleaning up pollution. In the anime adaptation, Masaya's concerns about the environment are reduced[episode needed], and Ichigo is the one who invited him to the endangered species exhibit.

As the Mew Mews and the aliens approach their final battle, Masaya and Ichigo discover that he is the Blue Knight, the mysterious protector of Mew Ichigo. Masaya was unaware that he was transforming into the Blue Knight, and as the Blue Knight he appears to have had no memory of who he really was. After Kish kidnaps Ichigo, Masaya transforms into the Blue Knight, but retains his memories and is initially confused as to what happened—his transformation was born of his desire to protector her, having been plagued with dreams of a crying Ichigo in front of him. Shortly after this revelation, Masaya collapses and reawakens as Deep Blue, the leader of the aliens and the Mew Mew's final enemy. Deep Blue tells Ichigo that he created Masaya to deceive the world. Deep Blue tries to kill the Masaya personality within him, but when Deep Blue kills Kish, Masaya is able to partially take over his body again to tell Ichigo he loves her. In order to keep Deep Blue from killing Ichigo, Masaya releases the final Mew Aqua inside his body, killing both Deep Blue and himself. This releases a healing force across Tokyo that restores Kish to life and heals the wounds of the Mew Mews, Ryou, Pie and Tart. Ichigo pours her power into Masaya, bringing him back to life but killing herself in the process. When Masaya kisses her, the Mew Aqua in his body revives her, and they are able to celebrate their victory together. At the end of the series, Masaya decides to go to England to study endangered species, so the other Mew Mews decide to make him and Ichigo have a mock wedding before he goes since they will be apart for a long time.

In Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode, it's shown that Ichigo ended up going to England with Masaya. He is the first to sense the new danger to the Mew Mews, and encourages Ichigo to return to help her friends. Towards the end of a la Mode, he also returns to Tokyo to support Ichigo.

In the anime series, his voice actor is Megumi Ogata. In the Mew Mew Power English adaptation his name is changed to Mark and he is voiced by Scottie Ray.

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