Meia Gisborn
Last Name: Gisborn
First Name: Meia
Chief Pilot
Dread Squadron Commander
Gender: Female
Hometown: Mejere
Birthday: June 10
Blood Type: B
Type: Person
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Meia Gisborn

Meia Gisborn (メイア・ギズボーン, Meia Gizubōn?), at first, has the behavior of an Amazon; she detests men and is disgusted whenever Hibiki saves her. She rarely smiles (only doing so a few times on the first season and the second season (Second Stage), including the time she smiled when she had to babysit Ezra's baby, Karu, and during the final fight with the enemy), she suffers from claustrophobia, and has a traumatic past.

As a young girl, the life support systems on her home quadrant failed, a new system that her father had personally designed, and there was a system-wide failure that forced a sudden mass evacuation. She lost her mother when she pushed her aboard the last ship off the quadrant amongst the crowds trying to get on. Alone, she resorted to a life of crime and street fights to make a living, due to the insecurity she fell from people blaming her parents for the catastrophe. She seldom holds a sample marked "A6" close to her which is presumably a research sample from her mother's work.

She joined the pirates when Magno Vivian appeared and tossed a laser ring to her, telling her if she wanted to die so badly, she can try dying doing something cool. With a new will to live, she gained ranks quickly. As squadron commander, she leads the other Dreads in battle, and is usually called "Leader" or "Chief" by others.

Despite her stoic and strict nature, everyone look ups to and appreciates Meia and normally tries to throw a surprise birthday party for her. However, she despises such occasions and once she flew off in her Dread to scout ahead of the Nirvana, just so that she would not be irritated by the crew. When her Dread unites with Hibiki's Vanguard, they become the Vandread Meia-type - the incredibly high-speed White Wing, which resembles a silver eagle. Its main, and only known, form of attack is a high-velocity ram that pierces nearly all enemy units in its path.

For the record, Meia does not have or pursuse any sort of romantic interest with Hibiki, rather their similar personalities lend their relationship to resemble close siblings.

In the manga, Meia is the acting captain of the Nirvana.

Source: Wikipedia
Extended Information
The Dread squadron commander in the anime Vandread. She is very serious and stoic, and rarely smiles.