Memories Off 2nd OVA
Tags: drama, romance
Year Produced: 2001
Episodes: 3
Type: Series
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Memories Off 2nd OVA

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Alternative title:
メモリーズオフ セカンド (Japanese)
メモリーズオフ 2nd (Japanese)

Shirakawa Hotaru, a girl who's in love with Inami Ken, finally confesses her love. From there on, they were happy couples, until one summer. Ken met a new friend, Tobise Tomoe, who is Hotaru's best friend. Tomoe seems to have her own charm. Ken, now have two paths to choose from; to be with Shirakawa Hotaru or Tobise Tomoe. Otherwise, he will lose them both.
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Hotaru Shirakawa (lead)Nana Mizuki
Inaho Shin (lead)Jun Fukuyama
Tsubame MinamiHaruna Ikezawa