Meteor Garden I
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Year Produced: 2001
Air Date: Started Apr 21, 2001
Episodes: 20
Type: Series
Page Views: 287473
Fans: 1064
Forum Posts: 98
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Meteor Garden I


Meteor Garden is about Shan Cai, a poor girl, who attends Ying De University in Taipei, Taiwan. She is bullied by Dao Ming Si, who is the leader of F4, also known as the "Flower Four." F4 are are sons of the richest corporate executives in Taiwan. Shan Cai is a tough girl who will not allow anyone to bully her around. In the midst of the hazing, Shan Cai starts to secretly fall in love with Lei because he is nice to her. Lei is Dao Ming Si's best friend. However, Lei already has his heart set on Jing (his longtime childhood friend). Dao Ming Si starts to secretly fall in love with Shan Cai after he sees how independent and tough she is to withstand him. In the beginning Shan Cai hates Dao Ming Si because she thinks he's a big jerk. As the story unfolds and the love triangles tangle, a story of love, hate, sorrow, comedy, and passion takes over the audiences' emotions.

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Extended Information

Broadcast network: CTS
Opening theme song: Qing Fei De Yi (情非得已) by Harlem Yu
Ending theme song: Ni Yao De Ai (你要的愛) by Penny Tai (戴佩妮)

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Production Credits

Producer: Chai Zhi Ping
Director: Tsai Yueh Hsun


01. Love of My Life - Queen
02. 情非得已 - 庾澄庆
Qing Fei De Yi - Harlem Yu (Opening song)
03. Perfect Moment - Martine McCutcheon
04. And I Love You So - Don Mclean
05. I Love You, Honestly Love You - Olivia Newton John
06. When u're in love with a beautiful woman - Dr.Hook
07. Loving You - Minnie Riperton
08. Never Surrender - Corey Hart
09. Almost Over You - Sheena Easton
10. Settling - Tara Maclean
11. I'll Never Fall in Love Again - Emma
12. 流星 [Shooting Star] - 郑钧
Liu Xing - Zhen Michael
13. 你要的爱 - 戴佩妮
Ni Yao De Ai - Penny Dai (Ending song)
Jerry Yan
Hua Ze Lei (lead)Vic Zhou
Hua Ze Lei (lead)Vic Chou
Vanness Wu
Barbie Hsu
Xiao YouRainie Yang