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Miaka Yuuki
Last Name: brokenhearted
First Name: miss
夕城 美朱
Gender: Female
Country of Origin: Philippines
Birthday: Sep 4, 1995
Blood Type: B
Casting Information:
Ju-on the Grudge - Movie
As Yu Hayakawa
Type: Person
Page Views: 4539
Fans: 20
Forum Posts: 0
Wall Posts: 4
Photos Uploaded: 12

Miaka Yuuki


Miaka and Tmahome the one

Miaka Yuuki was an ordinary girl who accidentally go to a place called Konan. Where she meets a boy named Tamahome. As she stayed longer in Konan, she develops her feelings for Tamahome. And surprisingly Hotohori, the emperor of Konan, falls in love with Miaka, whom he thought was the one who's destined for him.
Now the question is, who will she pick Hotohori or Tamahome?