Mikan Sakura
Last Name: Sakura
First Name: Mikan
Gender: Female
Type: Person
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Mikan Sakura

Mikan Sakura, who is ten years of age is at her debut, is a fiction character in the anime Gakuen Alice. When her best friend, Hotaru transfers to a different school of geniuses, Mikan is deeply horrified and tries to find a way to reunite with her. Leaving her grandfather in the process, she runs away to the city to search for the school and is soon discovered by Narumi, a teacher of the Alice Academy. Soon , Mikan is enlisted in this school and discovers that she possess the nullification alice after using it against her enemy, Natsume. She is extremely popular at school amongst the boys and the girls. Natsume Hyūga and Ruka Nogi develop feelings for her.

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[Edit]Alice: Nullification,Stealing and Insertion Alices
Alice Stone color : Mandarin Orange
Type of Alice : Dangerous Ability (Previously a Special Ability type)
Star ranking : Single Star, Special Star (assumed rank for being favored by the Principal)


In an author's note, Tachibana Higuchi described Mikan as cheerful and energetic, someone who forgets her worries easily and dependent on others. That's the image she had in mind when she created the character.

Mikan is an extremely cute, energetic, and a good-natured girl, but her clumsiness leads her to trouble most of the time. While she is average in academics and the school's star ranking system (at the start of the series), she has a strong willpower and a happy-go-lucky attitude. Her mottos, "Never Lose!" and "Never Give Up!" have carried her through countless trials in her life in the Academy.

She is also good at sports and an excellent runner. Her best subjects are PE and Home Economics and her talents include singing, dancing, and playing the recorder. She never backs down an argument, especially against Natsume, and she stands up for others. She is very clueless when it comes to love and romance. She is even oblivious to the romantic feelings of Natsume and Ruka for her. Her optimistic and innocent character allows her to befriend everybody, whether they are rivals or strangers. Her charms has managed to turn a lot of students into friends and even admirers. Although she is sweet, she can be scary when angry and tempted.

Even though bad things happen to her, she still always manages to smile, which annoyed Natsume a lot at first. She always tries to make the best out of a bad situation. She does not think twice when helping other people, even though she will be the one who will suffer the consequences. She is a very selfless and other-centered person. She is also friendly by nature and has grown to love the Academy, despite its dark secrets. She has the talent of making other people happy.

Mikan is a hard worker and once she sets her mind on something, she never stops until she achieves it. Often she can be clever and mature when needed. She can come up with good ideas. An example of this is the RPG system she suggested for the Special Ability Class and with the sports festival. Though she tends to brood over things, she can be perceptive in critical situations.


Mikan's "Alice", or magical ability, is the Nullification Alice, which is the reason why the Academy administration keeps an eye on her, and also why she received a no star ranking at the start. Her Nullifying ability can cancel out any Alices that are cast upon her, preventing her from being affected, although it is not active all the time. It also makes her completely immune to Pheromone type Alices. Mikan's Nullification Alice is also able to project onto other people (shown when she stops Yuka Azumi from stealing Natsume's Alice from the other side of the room).

In the manga, it was shown that Mikan has a second Alice, which is revealed to be her mother's Alice. While the Nullification Alice cancels out any Alices, Mikan's Stealing-Alice has the ability to suck other people's Alices and turn them into Alice stones. This Alice also has the ability to put the stolen Alices in other people's body. Both the Nullification Alice and Stealing-Alice are considered to be rare and unique.

She is the daughter of Yuka Azumi, who has the Alice of stealing the Alice of others as demonstrated when she stole Iinchou's Alice , and Izumi Yukihara (later revealed to be her father), who had the nullifying Alice that she also inherited. Most recently, it was revealed that Yuka Azumi had the Instant Teleportation. Her uncle, the high school principal of the academy, is regarded as a "god" due to his Alice of Longevity and Alice Detection. Her parents, her uncle, and herself all possessed very rare Alices, making them special to the academy.

Mikan is able to draw out Persona's Alice from her body when she is attacked by him in the Hana Princess Arc, and turned it into a stone. The later chapters of the manga revealed that the Academy has watched out for her because they suspected she has two Alices, due to the fact that she is the daughter of two very "dangerous" people with Alice.

Because of her Stealing-Alice, she is transferred to the Dangerous Ability Class. She can use her Stealing-Alice efficiently and is able to use it against Luna. The principal calls her as his "precious favorite" and is highly interested in her and her Alice.


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