Mobile Suit Gundam - Game
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Mobile Suit Gundam - Game

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I dare you to find a more classic series

* Char Aznable was one of the greatest fictional villains of the 20th century. Ramba Ral was a great tragic character also.
* This series pushed the superior real robot genre on top of the super robot genre for the first time. Mecha fans everywhere greatly benefited from this.

* The “Newtype” angle introduced towards the end of the show felt tacked on. This can most likely be attributed to the series being cut short.
* Unfortunately, Amuro Ray began the tradition of whiny, selfish Gundam pilots. It got annoying at times.

I'll just put it out there: the show is great. It runs long at times and there is a distinct point in the series where the 'realism' feels ruined by the superhuman pilots, but that is worth overlooking. What you'll get to see with Gundam is a) an epic story, b) the starting point of one of the largest anime franchises, and c) why Char Aznable is considered one of the premier characters in modern culture. Watch this series.