Monster Rancher
Alternative Names:

Monster Farm

Monster Farm: Enbanseki no Himitsu

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 1969
Air Date: Dec 31, 1969 to Dec 31, 1969
Episodes: 73
Type: Series
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Monster Rancher

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Monster Rancher (モンスターファーム, Monsutā Fāmu?, Monster Farm) is a video game series by Tecmo. Starting in 1997, several sequels have been produced. There is also an anime series based on the video games by the same name.

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Genki Sakura (lead)Chisa Yokoyama
Golem (lead)
Hare (lead)Nozomu Sasaki
Holly (lead)Mariko Kouda
Mocchi (lead)Yuri Shiratori
Moo (person) (lead)Jurota Kosugi
Suezo (lead)Wataru Takagi
Tiger of the Wind (lead)Kazuki Yao
PixieKotono Mitsuishi