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Myung Min Kim
Last Name: Kim
First Name: Myung Min
Kim Myeong Min
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Birthday: Oct 8, 1972
Type: Person
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Myung Min Kim

Kim Myung-min (Korean: 김명민, born 1972) is a South Korean actor who is mostly known in the drama The Immortal Lee Sun Sin as Yi Sun Sin. He has become more famous in the drama White Tower as Jang Joon Huk and Beethoven Virus as Kang Ma Eh(Maestro Kang, Kang Gun Woo).

Source: Wikipedia

TV Shows

2008 - Beethoven Virus (MBC)
2007 - White Tower (MBC)
2006 - Bad Family (SBS)
2004/05 - The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin (KBS1)
2004 - More Beautiful Than a Flower (KBS2)
2000 - Father & Son (SBS)
2000 - Some Like It Hot (MBC)
2000 - Look Back in Anger (KBS)
1999 - Kaist (SBS)


2009 - My Love By My Side
2008 - Open City
2007 - Return / Wide Awake
2003 - Into The Mirror
2001 - Sorum

Awards/ Recognitions


* The 36th Korea Broadcasting Association Awards: Best Actor Beethoven Virus
* The 21st Producers Awards of Korea: Best Performer Beethoven Virus
* The 45th PaekSang Arts Awards: Best TV Actor Beethoven Virus


* MBC Drama Awards: Grand Prize Beethoven Virus
* The 9th Broadcaster Awards: Best Performance in Broadcasting Beethoven Virus
* The 3rd Korea Drama Festival: Grand Prize Beethoven Virus
* The 20th Producers Awards of Korea: Best Performer White Tower


* MBC Drama Awards: Best Actor White Tower
* The 43rd PaekSang Arts Awards: Best TV Actor White Tower
* The 20th Grime Awards: Best Actor White Tower


* The 33rd Korea Broadcasting Awards: Best Talent The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin
* The 18th Producers Awards of Korea: Best Performer The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin
* SBS Drama Awards: PD Award Bad Family
* SBS Drama Awards: Fighting Adversity Award (embarrassing/odd characters/scenes) Bad Family


* The 18th Grime Awards: Best Actor The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin
* KBS Drama Awards: Grand Prize The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin
* The 6th Korea Visual Arts Festival: Photogenic Award


* The 4th KBS Right Language Awards: The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin


* The 2nd Pusan Film Critics Association Awards: Best New Actor Sorum
* The 4th Director's Cut Awards: Best New Actor Sorum


* MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actor Some Like It Hot



* Lancôme
* LIG Insurance (The 50th Commemoration of the Founding "Hope Symphony")
* Orion, "Dr. You"
* LIG Insurance (Eps. Husband, Wife, Kid)
* ShinChang Construction "Viva Family" (Eps.: Swimming Pool, Ice-Rink)


* National Election Commission, "Clean Election" and "Policy Election"
* Oral-B, "Triumph"
* National Pension Service
* Kia Motors, "Lotze"
* Hankuk Yakult, "Kuppers"
* ShinChang Construction, "Viva Family"
* LIG Insurance (Eps.: Happiness Every day)


* National Pension Service
* LIG Insurance (Eps.: Launching)


* NamYang Construction, "NamYang HuTon"
* Credit Counseling and Recovery Service
* LG Insurance (Eps.: Family, L-Flower)


* LG Insurance (Eps.: Birth, Court)


* LG Electronics, "CU"
* Doosan, "Chung-ha"
* Korea Electronic Power Corporation (KEPCO)


* SK Pharma Co., "Trast"


Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts (Theater)
Debut: SBS Talent Audition in 1996
Hobbies/interests: swimming, scuba diving, traveling, playing the piano