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Nana Akiyama


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[Edit]makina hoshimura was origanlly the daughter of a buddhist monk who worked with the kougan sect. early in her childhood a young boy named keisei tagmi came to live with the hoshimura family after the death of his family. makina and keisei grew up like brother and sister, and when keisei decided to become a monk himself, he left keeping in touch frome time-to-time.

makina's father was the monk responsible for creating the process that made shikabane-hime-undead warriors who are responsible for sending the rogue shikabane back to their true deaths,and after dispatching 108 of them the girls would get to go to heaven, and it was because of this that the entire hoshimura family was slaughtered in a fire caused by a group of shikabane known as the seven stars. however makina-who in personally tortured by the the seven stars-expressed not having anything done to save her family became a shikabane-hime herself. wishing to gain her revenge for the death of herself formed a contract with keisei and made a pleadge to kill the seven stars that slaughtered her family,armed with her MAC-10 submachine guns.

makina is driven by rage and vengeace and hatred and has swore to kill as many shikabane as she can and hopefully find her own personal path to redemption but the time will come when ouri tagami,keisei adopted younger brother who is slightly annoying to makina about his curiousity of shikabane and shikabane-hime will become her new contracted monk.