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Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2009
Air Date: Started Jul 2, 2009
Episodes: 24
Type: Series
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In the near future, mankind has suffered from a Third World War, leaving extreme damage all over and forced mankind to become even more distinct from their species. The world was at chaos and from this chaos comes a new species: “Needless”. The Needless are humans who have contracted a “disease” as humans may call them, and allow them to wield extraordinary powers far superior to any mankind. Their abilities include Telekinesis, elemental powers, gravity control, adaptation, radioactive release and all manners of scientific impossibility.

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I had high hopes for this one based on the storyline. The problem with the whole thing is that unless you are into very young girls you won't like this. The ridiculous crotch and fanny shots are too much along when you find out that Blade is actually a pedophile.
Takehito Koyasu, Andrew Love
Aya Endo, Luci Christian
Emiri Katou
Eve Neushwanstein (lead)Eri Kitamura, Britney Karbowski
Gido (lead)Kenji Utsumi
Kentarou Itou
Seto (lead)Kaori Fukuhara
Asami Imai
SatenKishou Taniyama