Neon Genesis Evangelion
Alternative Names:


Shin Seiki Evangerion




Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 1995
Episodes: 26
Type: Series
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Neon Genesis Evangelion

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In the year 2015, half of the human race is dead, and the survivors face a terrifying last judgment from giant biotechnology experiments called Angels.

Within Tokyo-3 and the headquarters of the secretive organization called NERV, a special United Nations agency. A handful of teenagers are trained to pilot the colossal super-entities known as Evangelions and battle the Angels on their own terms... whatever the cost to their minds and souls.

Shinji Ikari, whose father heads the NERV team that developed and maintains the Evangelion., is thrust into a maelstrom of battle and events that he does not understand. Forced to plumb the depths of himself for the courage and strength to not only fight, but to survive...
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Shinji Ikari (lead)Megumi Ogata
Rei Ayanami (lead)Megumi Hayashibara
Asuka Langley Soryu (lead)Yuko Miyamura
Misato Katsuragi (lead)Kotono Mitsuishi
Kaworu NagisaAkira Ishida
Gendo IkariFumihiko Tachiki
Shigeru AobaTakehito Koyasu