Neopets Petpet Adventures The Wand of Wishing
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Neopets Petpet Adventures The Wand of Wishing

Neopets: Petpet Adventures: The Wand of Wishing, released on March 14 2006, is a single-player PlayStation Portable action/adventure game based on the popular Neopets universe.

The game takes place in the hidden Petpet world of Petaria, in which the player must retrieve the magical "Wand of Wishing" in order to succeed as a warrior. There are four playable PetPets: Doglefox, Krawk, Mazzew, and Meowclops. There is also a wireless Battledome where a player's PetPet can fight his friends'. Throughout the game, the player can acquire items and armor for his PetPet. It can then be customized with the items.
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