One Percent of Anything
Alternative Names:

Something About 1%

1%의 어떤 것

1% eh uh ddun gut

Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Year Produced: 2003
Air Date: Jul 6, 2003 to Dec 28, 2003
Episodes: 26
Type: Series
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One Percent of Anything

Kim Jung Hwa is a young and sincere middle school teacher, who has little interest in money. She is also extremely warm-hearted and loves to help other people. When she helps carry an elderly man's belongings from the train to another location, the elderly man is extremely thankful. This grandfather turns out to be the extremely rich owner of a group of companies. His grandson, Kang Dong Won is a quick-tempered businessman who rivals his grandfather, but in an almost comical way. In an order to "tame" his favorite grandson, the grandfather agrees to give his entire fortune to the person who marries Kim Jung Hwa, therefore forcing Kang to meet the girl whom his grandfather chose. Although at first Kim and Kang don't get along because of Kang's extremely cute but bad temper, their arguments bring them closer together. Kang starts to get jealous when Kim's fellow teacher starts liking her too. Through the clever conditions that Kang's grandfather makes, Kang starts a relationship he does not look forward too. However, what looked like a relationship that would 99% not work out, turns out to be the "perfect" match, the 1% chance.

Extended Information

Broadcast Network - MBC

Production Credits

Director: Jang Geun Soo
Writer: Hyeon Go-Wun

Alternative Synopsis
What would you do if you were given the first right to marry a certain girl who will bring you a fortune?

Based on an original novel of the same title, is an exhilarating romantic comedy that takes you on a ride into the boy-meets-girl type of love story. This cute romantic comedy is sure to attract audience of all ages.

Da-Hyun Kim teaches Korean in middle school. One day, on the way home in the subway, she gives seat to a poor old man and helps him with his bags. She soon forgets about this but from that day on, all kinds of strange things start happening in her life. In the meantime, Jae-In is in a meeting at his office when he's interrupted by an urgent phone call. He had become estranged from his grandfather ever since he ran away from home. This also meant deletion of his name from his grandfather's will. But all of a sudden, he now gets a call that his name was written back on his grandfather's will again and what's more, he is also given the order of priority. He's even more surprised when he finds out that it is not the first right to inherit the fortune but the first right to date a certain girl. To make things worse, his grandfather says he'd bequeath his every single fortune to the girl Jae-In has never even heard of.

Source: Hancinema


01. Title
02. chut sarang - Kim Byung Hwa
03. sarang eh shi jak
04. geu dae soom swi neun nal gga ji - Kim Soo Jung
05. Montage
06. chut noon chuh rum - Park Hyun
07. chut sarang (Instrumental)
08. ga eul waltz
09. geu dae soom swi neun nal gga ji (Instrumental)
10. Happy Day - Kim Byung Hwa
11. chut sarang (Instrumental)
Kim Da Hyun (lead)Kim Jung Hwa
Lee Jae In (lead)Kang Dong Won