Oretachi no Sekai - Movie
Tags: jmovie, drama
Year Produced: 2007
Episodes: 2
Type: Series
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Oretachi no Sekai - Movie

  • kookimiao
    Crap... aftr so long... The video is still not available
  • kookimiao
    Crap.... I still cant watch the movie... Wht's really happening here on CR? It's no longer as assessible as it used to be!
  • kookimiao
    WHT IS THIS... there's nothing to watch!!!!! NOTHING!!
  • Macchiavelli
    too schmaltzy!
  • super52
    LOL @ the geeks doing math lmgaoga
  • TonyWazHere
    the movie was okay...it was a bit boring frm time to time but still worth a watch i guess....
  • kookimiao
    Wo... an intellectual thinking film?!?! Interesting!! Hmm... DO I have the brains to watch it now??
  • queenofpainting
    Just saw this in theaters... It's amazing.
  • etongayun
    "...‘This World of Ours’ is a recent PIA Film Festival winner and a film showing soon in Vancouver. " -http://twitchfilm.net/site/view/review-for-ryo- will watch this...soon.
  • taratey
    the rating on a movie is just the average of all the ratings given by the voters. e.g. (rating1+rating2+rating3)/3 = averating (rounded up). you can try it if u want to. ^_^
  • blackicelycan
    i find it funny that reading the wall on this one it is mostly about math to be able to get the votes
  • ange_mdo
    there r 3 votes so far, include urs. total pssble amount from 3 prs is 15 and the real amount is 10. if u divide 15/10, u'll get 1,5 then subtract it by 5 (wich is the higest rate) and u get 3,5... it makes sense, rite?^^
  • dozuno
    huh ? i dont get you
  • ironykillz
    Dozuno, I don't know where you are getting your equations from but you are wrong. take the total possible amount of points (15) and sdivide by total points given (10), then subtract by 5 and you get your answer 3.5.
  • dozuno
    og ya i got the equation WRONG !!! it should be 5x/x+1 = 3.5 , so transposing we get 3.5x+3.5 = 5x 1.5x = 3.5 x = 2.333333 WHICH STILL DONT MAKE SENSE =/
  • dozuno
    The onyl possible number of people who voted me is 0.....according to the equation i derived -> 5x/x+1 =0 , can anyone tell me if im right or where did i went wrong ?
  • dozuno
    i mean how can it be ,5x/x+1 = 0 x = total number of people who rated before me Numerator = total pts rated including my 0 denominator = total number of people who vote including me
  • dozuno
    the rating was 5 stars and i rated it 0 stars and immediately it dropped to 3.5 , so in another words since it was 5 before i rated , everyone must have rated 5 and my 0 causes it to dropped to 3.5 , it doesnt makes sense
  • shkola_zayetz
    i liked it, can seem a little 'dragged on' but that's how this movie should be, i think.