Parokya ni Edgar
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Parokya ni Edgar

Parokya ni Edgar is a Filipino band that was formed in 1993 by a group of Ateneo high school students. The band is famous and most lauded for its original rock novelty songs and often satirical covers of famous songs. With several years in the music scene, it has transcended musical genres, varying styles from one to another - alternative rock to pop rock, funk to rapcore, and so on without leaving behind its trademark style of providing comic relief to their listeners.

Naming themselves Comic Relief, the band members were originally composed of five - Chito Miranda, Vinci Montaner, Gab Chee-Kee, a certain Miko and Jerick. Their after-school jamming honed their musical skills, thus making themselves worthy enough to deserve the opening number for an Eraserheads concert. However, the band would've been incomplete without a bassist and a drummer. Luckily, Dindin Moreno and Buwi Meneses, who were enthusiastic enough to join the group, filled in the empty slots.

During their performance at an Eraserheads concert, the members decided to name the band "Parokya ni Edgar". The term was said to have been derived from an old classroom joke involving the main character in Noli Me Tangere, one of their school subjects.

Following their graduation from high school, two of the seminal members (Jerick and Miko) eventually went separate ways. Guitarist Darius Semaña was then invited to join the band. They soon started playing at the legendary local band hub, Club Dredd.

Coming out during the height of the Pinoy rock explosion, with the Filipino rock community giving into the influence of foreign bands, especially grunge acts such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, Parokya ni Edgar stood out as the band that played like no other. Their jokes, silly antics, and outrageous performances paved way to the popularity that they currently enjoy.

* Alfonso "Chito" Miranda, Jr. (lead vocals)
* Buhawi "Buwi" Meneses (bass)
* Darius Gerard "Dariuken" Semaña (lead guitars)
* Gabrielle Ignatius "Gab" Chee-Kee (guitars / vocals)
* Ferdinand "Din Din" Moreno (drums)
* Francis Vincent "Vinci" Montaner (backup vocals / dialogue / comical acting / dancing)

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Studio Albums

* Khangkhungkherrnitz (1996)
* Buruguduystunstugudunstuy (1997)
* Gulong Itlog Gulong (1999)
* Edgar Edgar Musikahan (2002)
* Bigotilyo (2003)
* Halina Sa Parokya (2005)
* Solid (2007)
* Upcoming 11th Album and 8th studio album (2009)
* Pabileng Yelo Kahit di Malamig

Compilation Album

* Matira matibay: PG-13 (Singles 1994-2007) (2007)

Live Albums

* Inuman Sessions Vol. 1 (2004)


* "Buloy"
* "Trip" (parody cover of Creep by Radiohead).
* "Maniwala Ka Sana"
* "Please Don't Touch My Birdie"
* "Silvertoes"
* "Sayang"
* "Lutong Bahay"
* "Nakaw ang Wallet Ko" (parody version of Knockin' on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan)
* "!OkaTokat" (TV theme of the same title)
* "Harana"
* "Picha Pie" (parody cover of I Will Survive by Cake, which itself is a cover of Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive)
* "Halaga"
* "Inuman Na"
* "Swimming Beach"
* "Sorry Na"
* "Mr. Suave"
* "The Yes Yes Show"
* "Alumni Homecoming"
* "Chikinini"
* "First Day Funk"
* "Mang Jose"
* "Bagsakan"
* "Para Sa 'Yo"
* "Papa Cologne"
* "The Ordertaker"
* "Gitara"
* "One and Only You" - also known as "Your Song"
* "Halina sa Parokya"
* "Muli"
* "Pumapatak ang Ulan" (cover version of a APO Hiking Society song)
* "Beh! Buti Nga!" (cover version of a Hot Dog song)
* "American Junk" featuring Kamikazee (cover version of an APO Hiking Society song)
* "Nescafe" (a commercial ad jingle)
* "Macho" (parody version of a Village People song, "Macho Man")
* "Boys Do Fall In Love" (cover version of a Robin Gibb song "Boys Do Fall In Love")
* "Walang Susuko" (TV theme from Lastikman)
* "Amats"
* "Akala"
* "Iisang Sarap" (Jollibee Yumburger Theme for "Jollibee")
* "I-Bulsarap!" (New theme for "Mang Tomas All-Around Sarsa")