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PaRappa the Rapper (パラッパラッパ, PaRappa Rappa?) is a 2001 anime series aimed towards children in Japan that consists of 30 episodes. It features the rapping dog PaRappa and his friends in different adventures. Unlike the game, there's very little rap incorporated into the series' soundtrack (whereas the game was focused only on rapping).

Rodney Greenblat, the original creator of PaRappa the Rapper, only designed the characters of Matt Major and Paula Fox for the show. He had nothing to do with the plot, as he had found out that it was a kids-oriented show meant to sell PaRappa merchandise. Originally, he, along with the company, were to make a teenage/young adults-oriented show (which featured Lammy, Ma-San, along with a few other characters) meant for the target audience, which was teenagers, at the time.

Source: Wikipedia
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