Phantom - Requiem for the Phantom
Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2009
Air Date: Apr 2, 2009 to Sep 24, 2009
Episodes: 26
Type: Series
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Phantom - Requiem for the Phantom

This article is for the Japanese anime series Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~, which is animated by Bee Train and directed by Koichi Mashimo under the Project Phantom group. The series went on air on April 2, 2009 on TV Tokyo. Subsequently the show also airs on AT-X, TV Aichi, and TV Osaka. Funimation Entertainment is streaming the series for its North American audience.

Similar in plot to the video game, the series is about a Japanese national who gets kidnapped by an assassin syndicate called Inferno in a plot to unite all known underworld mob gangs into one conglomerate after he had personally witnessed an assassination in the streets of America. In order to achieve their goal, Inferno deploys its assassin operatives codenamed Phantom. Among them is an amnesiac girl named Ein and the Japanese national, who was now dubbed as Zwei as his codename after being brainwashed of his previous memory.

An announcement regarding the show was first announced in the January issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Newtype magazine with Yoshimitsu Yamashita, Mutsumi Sasaki and Yoko Kikuchi being the main animators with Bee Train being in charge of animation. Soon afterwards, a promotional video of Phantom ~Requiem of the Phantom~ was broadcasted on Biglobe. Music for the series is created under Masumi Itō, using the alias Hikaru Nanase. The opening song Karma is sung by KOKIA with the ending song Gates of Hell is sung by Ali Project with CD singles scheduled to be released soon.

A Japanese DVD release for Volume 1 is scheduled to be out on July 24, 2009.

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01 "Awakening"/"Kakusei" April 02, 2009

Zwei, a Japanese tourist awakens to find himself in a strange complex in the middle of nowhere with a severe case of amnesia after he wakes up from a dream where he saw himself assassinating someone with a young girl disguised as a maid. As he tries to find his way out and figure out what his name is and where he's from, a key assassin known as Ein is sent to challenge him by an unknown person in order to see how skilled he is. After the challenge finishes with Zwei being the victor before he nearly kills Ein with her very own combat knife, Zwei agrees to work with Ein and Inferno in a mission to assassinate a target of interest in Las Vegas.

02 "Training"/ "Kunren" April 09, 2009

Ein conducts personal training to Zwei after agreeing to work with Inferno for several days, ranging from sparring in martial arts to small arms use in order to hone his skills as a potential Inferno assassin in upcoming Inferno-approved missions. Claudia enters the complex right after Scythe Master picks up Ein without revealing her presence and tells Zwei about the objectives of Inferno, as well as to give "hope" to Zwei that he can find out who he is before she leaves him with a goodbye. Meanwhile, the Scythe Master deploys Ein in an assassination mission somewhere in the United States to kill a person of interest.

03 "Practice"/ "Jissen" April 16, 2009

After more training with Ein, Zwei is going to be tested. He has to kill a man named Captain Wallace of the Navy SEALs, who sold weapon to Inferno, but because they weren't his only costumers and he sold many weapon to terrorists. Wallace eventually sullied the name of Inferno and put them in danger of being suspected by the FBI after an FBI agent was found dead in Mexico, forcing him to beat Zwei and defeat him in a duel to the death in order to allow Inferno in rebuilding his life all over again. After hesitation of killing Wallace and almost being killed by him, his assassination skills awake and he shoots Wallace in his head after wounding him by using a combat knife to stab him in Wallace's right arm.

04 "Assassination"/"Ansatsu" April 23, 2009

Ein and Zwei are given the order to kill Don Lucio, the boss of a Dallas mafia family, as their first assignment together. Because he never leaves his mansion, the two Phantom assassins have one chance in either making the mission work or not. With the unexpected help of Scythe Master, who drove in to assist the two assassins in making their getaway, Ein and Zwei were able to successfully kill their assigned target and flee for safety. The two were later sent abroad to lay low due to the success of their mission. Zwei contemplates on how he had been indoctrinated successfully by Inferno as a now skilled hired assassin and killer.

05 "Instant"/"Setsuna" April 30, 2009

Inferno tries to establish contact with a mafia family somewhere in Los Angeles led by Richard Harrington, who was currently busting up individuals selling drugs at Melanie Square personally. During this time, Claudia invites Zwei over to her estate in order to act as her secondary bodyguard and a spy to maintain recon on the mafia itself. When the meeting for Inferno to conduct its influence on Melanie Square was not working in their favor as Richard refuses to do so, Ein and Zwei are deployed to wipe out the entire mafia and assassinate the wife and only child of Richard to prove that Inferno is a force to be reckoned with.

06 "Conflagration"/"Taika" May 07, 2009

The surviving members of Richard's mafia plan revenge against Inferno by planning to release crucial information on certain mobsters who are suspecting of supporting Inferno from behind the scenes to discredit them and be eliminated from the inside. However, Inferno plans to conduct an assassination spree on all anti-Inferno mafia personalities in the West Coast of the United States with Ein and Zwei being in the forefront working with Lizzie to carry out the assassinations on the orders of its top leaders under insistence from Claudia. Thanks to their efforts, Inferno was able to consolidate their influence in the area.

07 "Past"/"Kako" May 14, 2009

Ein leaves Zwei to meet Scythe Master, while Zwei decides to practice his driving while she is gone. However, McCunnen appears and begins to move in on Zwei, to which Scythe Master warns Ein not to let the infatuated McCunnen steal Zwei away. Meanwhile, Ms. McCunnen starts to form her own plans within Inferno. Later on in the day, Zwei has a dream about his past, where he witnesses a murder of a Inferno target, shot by Ein. After fleeing for days, Zwei is caught by Ein and Scythe Master, who seems interested in his innate ability to survive. After waking up, Zwei asks Ein whether she has had any dreams about her past, to which she say she has. However, she is apathetic and uninterested in finding out her past. Later on, the two are asked to back up a Phantom operation that consists of stealing 500 kilograms of cocaine. Right as they are about to head out, Zwei is asked to switch jobs and protect Ms. McCunnen in Lizzie's place instead. Though hesitant at first, Ein insists that Zwei follow Ms. McCunnen's orders, so Zwei agrees. Meanwhile, Raymond McGuire and Ms. McCunnen's plans to get rid of Scythe Master are revealed.

08 "Sudden Change"/"Kyūhen" May 21, 2009

Ein is dispatched to take out Inferno henchmen in a warehouse district as part of a plan hatched by Raymond and Claudia to eliminate Scythe Master. Claudia, in summoning Zwei to her mansion, gives him his Japanese passport and reveals his real name to be Reiji Azuma. When Zwei is in shock, Claudia offers him a place alongside her after revealing her feelings. However, Reiji returns back to the complex hideout to see Ein wounded after being shot by Lizzie when the two confronted each other. Reiji receives a call from Claudia, telling him that he would be killed if he would assist Ein in any way. Refusing to be intimidated, Reiji helps Ein remove the bullet from her wound before he secretly evacuates her from the complex in order to avoid being tracked down by Inferno for refusing to join with Claudia in her plans to take over Inferno and get rid of Scythe Master.

09 "Name"/"Namae" May 28, 2009

Reiji, now rejecting his Phantom codename Zwei, escapes with Ein while the rest of Inferno gets worked up on their escape. Ein had planned to commit suicide by shooting herself as she had no place to call home before Reiji stops her from killing herself. Ein encounters Scythe Master in an alley after gunning down an armed man looking for her. Lizzie and Claudia capture Reiji in a parking lot when he was about to hotwire a car. Reiji was subsequently interrogated, being accused of assisting Scythe Master in rebelling against Inferno. Claudia offers Reiji assistance in saving Ein, locked up in an unknown location, by releasing his restraints and offering him a pistol for him to use. In return, Reiji promises Claudia that he would take care of Scythe Master.

10 "Closure"/"Shūmaku" June 4, 2009

Lizzie and her group, are dispatched by Claudia with the objective being to assasinate the Scythe master, upon learning of his whereabouts. Although reluctantly, Lizzie also admits Reiji into the assasination team and together they go to the wharf where Scythe is planning to escape from. In order to save Scythe, Ein/Eren desparately blocks Reiji's bullet and is shot through the heart. She stumbles and falls into the sea. Reiji is shocked by the sudden turn of events and is then shot numerous times in the front by Scythe. He falls into the ocean and the episode ends as we see Reiji's body washed up upon a beach with his gun underneath his fingers.
Scythe Master (lead)
Zwei (lead)Miyu Irino
Tomoyuki Shimura
Drei (Cal Devens)
Isaac Wisemel
Lizzie Garland
Raymond McGuire
Ein (lead)
Claudia McCunnen (lead)