Poison Pink
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Poison Pink

A strategy RPG from the makers of Summon Night. In Poison Pink, you play as three characters, Thazi, Olifen and Harshu. Each character has his own story, set in world of Beseku, which exists in that space between the real and demon worlds. Gameplay switches off between a home base and battle maps. When in your base, you build up your army, purchase new weapons, and take part in event scenes with your characters. Out on the battle field, action takes place on a grid, only the twist here is that enemy and ally movements are intermixed rather than player and enemy sides being given a full turn to move all their forces. While out on the battle field, you can capture your enemies. Demons whom you've captured can be taken back to your base for customizations. You can add them to your army and even transform them into special items!
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