Pokemon 3: The Movie
Alternative Names:

Pocket Monsters: Kesshoutou no Teio

Pokemon: Spell Of The Unown

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2000
Air Date: Jul 8, 2000 to Jul 8, 2000
Episodes: 1
Type: Series
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Pokemon 3: The Movie

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Pokémon 3: The Movie (劇場版ポケットモンスター 結晶塔の帝王 ENTEI, Gekijōban Poketto Monsutā Kesshōtō no Teiō ENTEI?, literally Pocket Monsters the Movie: Emperor of the Crystal Tower ENTEI; officially POCKET MONSTERS Lord of the "UNKNOWN" Tower in Japan) is the third feature-length Pokémon movie. The original Japanese version was released in theaters on July 8, 2000, and the English adaptation, entitled Pokémon 3: Spell of the Unown was released on April 6, 2001. This adaptation was produced by 4Kids Entertainment and the last one distributed by Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Like its predecessors, it is preceded by a 20-minute short film titled Pikachu and Pichu, which marks the debut of the mischievous Pichu Bros., who help Pikachu reunite with his trainer after being separated (without Ash even knowing, due to him preparing a party to celebrate the day Pikachu and he first met).

It was also the last Pokémon movie released theatrically in the UK and in Latin America.

According to IMDB, the movie was released before the airdate of "The Totodile Duel" episode on Kids' WB (5 May 2001). This created continuity errors for the audience, such as Ash suddenly having a Totodile and a Noctowl and Misty having a Poliwhirl instead of a Poliwag.

In the United States, this film was rated G by the MPAA.

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Kasumi (lead)
Shinichiro Miki
Meowth (lead)Inuko Inuyama
Akiko Yajima
Musashi (lead)Megumi Hayashibara
Pikachu (lead)Ikue Ohtani
Satoshi (lead)Rica Matsumoto
Takeshi (lead)Yuuji Ueda