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Porunga is the wish granting dragon summoned when all of Namek's Dragon Balls are gathered. Unlike Shenron, he has a large, muscular upper body and various Namekian traits. He can grant three wishes, so long as they don't exceed his creator's power, his creator is still alive, and each request is delivered in the Namekian dialect. Initially, Porunga had the ability to bring only one person back to life at a time, as compared to Shenron who can bring back an unspecified number of people as long as they died under similar circumstances, and as long as their deaths weren't of natural causes. Later, Porunga's power is strengthened to bring back as many lives as needed. He is voiced by Junpei Takiguchi and Daisuke Gōri in Japan, Christopher Sabat in the Funimation dub, and Don Brown in the Ocean Group dub.

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