Year Produced: 2007
Episodes: 17
Type: Series
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Potemayo is some kind of strange, deformed, chibi being (as in being small/tiny). She came out of Moriyama’s fridge one day. Moriyama claims he named her due to the thing he was eating at the time he found her: a Potato Mayonnaise croquette thing. So the whole class is mystified at this weird cute thing. The girls all think she’s really cute, like some kind of stuffed animal. Meanwhile, this one girl named “Mikan” who has orange hair, appropriately enough, is trying to confess to Moriyama. Potemayo will have none of this, telling Mikan in her strange language that Moriyama is hers!
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Guchuko (lead)Ayumi Tsuji
Kyo Takamimori (lead)Yuko Kaida
Mikan Natsu (lead)Ayako Kawasumi
Potemayo (lead)Kana Hanazawa
Sunao Moriyama (lead)Eri Kitamura
Kaoru HatsushibaTakayuki Kondou
Kyo s MotherAi Nonaka
Mudo KiriharaHikaru Tokita
NarratorKikuko Inoue
Nene KasuganoRie Kugimiya
Tomari SekiRie Kugimiya
Yasumi NatsuNobuhiko Okamoto