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Princess Ai Encounters

So, what is your favorite part of Princess Ai?
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24 / F / Fantasia (my world)
Posted 3/20/10, Edited 3/20/10  Reply  Quote

My favorite part of Princess Ai is the song and the whole story. Kent is my favorite character and Princess Ai rox! What do you think?

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Posted 7/22/10, Edited 7/23/10  Reply  Quote
i just started reading it! pretty good so far!
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24 / F / Under your bed
Posted 8/1/10, Edited 8/1/10  Reply  Quote
I read this ages ago, but.... It was REALLY good! Kent was so sweet X333

I liked it when (I think her name was Tess?) turned to Ai's side! X33 She was cool! LOL
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24 / F / somewhere in wond...
Posted 10/19/10, Edited 10/19/10  Reply  Quote
my favorite parts are when the songs come up and just everything bout kent and ai they are so pretty to bad the manga was short.
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20 / F / Northwest America
Posted 7/14/11, Edited 7/15/11  Reply  Quote
I just began reading it, it's very good so far, except perhaps a little mature for me...
I like her music and when she earns that poor homeless guy a lot of money.
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