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R.O.D - Read or Die


Read or Die


Read or Die OVA


Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2001
Air Date: May 23, 2001 to Feb 6, 2002
Episodes: 3
Type: Series
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R.O.D: Read or Die (リード・オア・ダイ, Rīdo oa Dai?) is a series of light novels authored by Hideyuki Kurata, published under Shueisha's Super Dash Bunko imprint. Read or Die follows Yomiko Readman, codename "The Paper", an agent for the Special Operations Division of the British Library. There are currently 11 Read or Die novels. In volume 11, a note stated that the series would end with the upcoming volume 12. In 2007, the official website posted an apology for the delay in volume 12's publication, stating that the author is trying his best to finish the story.

Along with the novels, Kurata scripted the R.O.D manga illustrated by Shutaro Yamada, which was originally published in Ultra Jump magazine and later printed into four paperback volumes.

Kurata also wrote another manga, Read or Dream, illustrated by Ran Ayanaga, which takes place in the same universe as Read or Die, but features completely new characters (apart from a brief cameo from a Die character in volume 4).

The popularity of the Read or Die novels and manga resulted in the production of the Read or Die Original Video Animation (OVA) in 2001, which was directed by Koji Masunari and produced by Aniplex. In 2003, Aniplex produced R.O.D the TV, a 26-episode animated television series, which served as a sequel to the OVA and introduced Read or Dream's characters to those from Read or Die. (See Read or Die (OVA) and R.O.D the TV for more information.)

The Read or Die manga series is licensed for North American distribution by Viz Communications, first released in March 2006. The novels have not been officially translated into English.

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