Reaching For The Stars
Year Produced: 2005
Episodes: 28
Type: Series
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Reaching For The Stars

Ren Jie, Lei Lei & Xiao Rou are three different girls born on the same date & year.

Ren Jie is a hard working person who is desperately trying to help save her ill brother. Lei Lei is the rich step-daughter of the Zhou company. Xiao Rou is a cop who is trying to fight for what is right. Even though their lives are very different, the girls’ life will come and unfold together after Lei Lei’s stepfather’s unfortunate death…

He leaves a will leaving the company to his missing birth daughter Xiao Nou. This leaves the vice president hiring Ren Jie who is in desperate need of money to pretend to be Xiao Nou so he can be in control of the company…

This also leaves Lei Lei in a deep misundrstanding w/ Ren Jie/Xiao Nou in the Zhou family. Meanwhile, Xiao Rou who is tired of not being able to be a real cop quits and becomes Ren Jie/Xiao Nou’s bodyguard.

As the story unfolds, it will test their friendship as well as their Love relationship… and will lead them into finding out who the real Xiao Nou is…

Ella - Ren Jie & Xiao Nou
Selina - Lei Lei
Hebe - Xiao Rou
Guo Yan Jun - Zhenghao
Chen Zhikai - Yawei
Di Zhijie - Chenkai
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Chenkai (lead)
Lei Lei (lead)
Ella Chen
Xiao Rou (lead)Hebe Tian
Zhenghao (lead)