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Red vs Blue
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Red vs Blue


Red vs. Blue, A Funny Blast from the Past

I am so glad that Crunchyroll has this series! I honestly didn't think it was possible to see all of them in sequence, for free. At any rate, this is not so much a review since I doubt I'd be able to say anything that hasn't already been said in praise of this funny, well written "net-com" from the folks at Rooster Teeth Productions. HALO players will love this series because it parodies the very platform it uses to tell it's story, that being XBOX Live, but non-HALO players will enjoy because Red vs. Blue covers the range from a hilarious discussion of "why are we here," in the very first episode to witty social commentary throughout. Not for children, as the "F-bomb" is frequently dropped, this is a must view for gamer and non gamers alike. I'm surprised at how many episodes there are as well. With a few exceptions, holiday shows and some PSA's, I thought everything stopped after "The Blood Gulch Chronicles" was over but I was wrong.

living the gamer dream

Red vs blue, now a popular,PAID, LEGAL web franchise comes back for season 6 entitled RECONSTRUCTION.
The rooster teeth crew came in played halo all night and made one of their best works in years with great nonsense comedy that we all love and great story development like never seen before, and by that I mean, undderstandable.
The story centers around revealing the origin and past of the freelancers as well as the relation to the real Halo story, finally setting season 5 and above as post games.
During this season a lot of extra work was done, work that got really well paid by various remarked comapnies like
+Rooster Teeth(duh!)

This is a great simple and laughable work enjoy also in
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