Reever Wenham
Last Name: Wenhamm
First Name: Reever
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Australia
Type: Person
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Reever Wenham

Reever Wenham (リーバー・ウェンハム Rībā Wenhamu?) is the section leader of the Black Order headquarter's Science department. He is Australian and is 26 years old. He is a rather comical character but he is protective of coworkers and comrades. Although he often complains about Komui's behavior, Reever still admires him. He specializes in mathematics, chemistry and language. He is voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu in Japanese and Chuck Huber in English.

Source: Wikipedia
Extended Information

Reever is an average height 25 year old with scruffy spiky blonde hair and a goatee. As head of the European Science Division he is always seen in a lab coat. underneath this he wears brown cordroy trousers, a green tank top over a white shirt and a purple tie.

Dispite becoming comically distressed when being forced to deal with Chief Komui. Reever is a very focused and devoted individual. He has a very strong sense of duty to the Order and instils this duty in his team when they are fearful. Although he has no powers of his own he is always willing to fight alongside the exorcists, going so far as to stand up to opponents far stronger than him if his team or the other Order members are in danger. Reever doesn't drink or smoke tabacco, instead preferring various soft drinks.

Source: D.Gray-man Wiki