Relena Peacecraft
Relena Dorlian
Relena Darlian
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Relena Peacecraft

Age: 15

Ethnic origin: Northern European

Place of origin: Sanc Kingdom

Height: 154 cm

Though she starts off as a wistful rich girl somewhat removed from the horrors of war, Relena remains one of the strongest willed characters throughout the Gundam Wing saga, completely dedicating her life to pacifism and the end of the colonial wars. A naturally gifted speaker, Relena would become invaluable when it came to negotiating with the colony leaders.

Her closest connection to the Gundam pilots would be Heero Yuy, whom she finds washed up upon the beach. She feels an unusual bond with the pilot, despite his constant threats of killing her should she interfere with his mission. Though she may appear to be a tacked on romance for the cold-blooded soldier, she will later become the last hope he has to regaining his humanity as well as the glimmer of light for a devastating war.
Extended Information

Relena Peacecraft (リリーナ・ピースクラフト, Rirīna Pīsukurafuto?) (also known as Relena Darlian (リリーナ・ドーリアン, Rirīna Dōrian?)), a fictional character, is one of the central characters and the female lead in the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and its various spinoffs. She is the younger sister of Miliardo Peacecraft.

Source: Wikipedia