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(ロイア, Roia)

Voiced by: Nana Mizuki (Japanese), Brittney Karbowski (English)
Roya is a 16-year-old girl from Task, and it's been revealed she was a native. Living in Templer, she is the disciple of the elder sage Zicco, who rescued 6-year-old Roya from Tusk. She was to be killed after it was predicted that she would kill her father, Morocco. Therefore as growing up in Templer, she was falsely told to be an orphan. She is a new-found friend of Zed, and old friend of Miki. It is somewhat hinted to at the beginning that she may be interested in a more romantic way to Zed, but Zed, at first, is somewhat oblivious to this. She draws shards from a crystal on her neck resembling a brooch. She has two weapons resembling sais. These blue weapons require three shards each to activate. Her Spirit, Afkareru, is a water-based entity capable of flight. On top of this, it is able to call forth a harp. Upon plucking the strings of said harp, energy arrows are shot.

After learning she was from Tusk (due to the sharp protrusions on her shoulders), Roya left Templer to find her parents. After arriving in Tusk, she discovered that her father was a Tusk leader. Her father believed that Roya will kill him because of a prophecy. As a result, he attempts to have Roya executed. It is also at this time that Roya encounters her mother, who saved Roya when she was a child, but died in the process. Before her death, she transferred her soul into her killer in order to protect Roya, resulting in the killer and the mother sharing a body. Zed tracks Roya down and, with the help of Ginga, manages to rescue her, but not before the death of both her parents.

Later, Roya would accompany Zed and Robès to the Neotopian Joust to represent Templer. Despite some difficulty, she manages to win her first fight, but is seriously wounded. While recovering in the hospital, she has a dream of her mother, and finally decides which 'path' she wishes to lead her life by; to help others. It is at this time that she acquires the 'healing shard'. She then proceeds to help heal other patients in the hospital. However, under Neotopia's totalitarian rules, Roya is arrested for healing people without a license to practice medicine. As with all those that break 'any' rule of Neotopia, Roya is sentenced to death, but is saved by Zed before the execution is complete.

After Zed was kidnapped by Neotopia, Roya left to find him and found herself in the middle of the invasion by Zymot and Tusk's forces. She managed to find him and later attempted to heal Hairam after he ran himself through with his own sword, but ultimately was unable to help him. She accompanies Zed and Ginga back to Ulbaks to stop Tusk's invasion of the small nation. Zicco has hinted that even though Roya has chosen 'her' path, she may be the only one capable of giving Zed the 'strength' to fulfill his own destiny.

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