SD Gundam G Generation F
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SD Gundam G Generation F

SD Gundam G Generation F is part of a series of strategy-RPG video games that focus on the Gundam anime franchise.

The G Generation series technically began in 1996, when Bandai released a series of six games for Nintendo's Super Famicon console, each focusing on a particular era from the Gundam multiverse.

A Generation focused on the One Year War, B Generation focused on the Gryps Conflict, and so forth up to F Generation, which covered the plot of G Gundam.

Instead of continuing the obvious progression and making a G Generation game themed about Gundam Wing, Bandai held on to the title.

Since "G" was often used as an abbreviation for "Gundam", it was decided that G Generation would encompass a wider scope.

When it was finally released in 1998 for the Sony PlayStation, G Generation covered the plot for Mobile Suit Gundam through Char's Counterattack and featured characters from the remaining Universal Century series as well as G Gundam, Gundam Wing and Gundam X.

MAN-08 Elmeth. Has Energy-capacitator powered Funnels to replace "Bits" weapon drones with built-in generator to reduce its size.

- Devil Gundam Jr.
- GB-9700 Gundam Belphagor
- GGF-001 Phoenix Gundam
- MAK-005S Gaplant Kai
- OZ-14MS Gundam Aquarius
- ZMT-S37S Zanspine
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