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SHINee's New MV - Juliette
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22 / F / SHINee World. (:
Posted 5/23/09, Edited 5/28/09  Reply  Quote
Okay. honestly, I love love love love SHINee, but I'm slightly disappointed, because it wasn't a original. Anyways if you listen to the original one that's song by Corbin Bleu, his version of Deal With It is more empty. SHINee's remake of it makes it more interesting && better. I'm just saying. Seriously on Youtube I've seen really rude comments, wow, just because they freaking made a remake of a song, doesn't mean they suck or they ran out of ideas. Wow. Seriously, I mean come on. This isn't new, okay? A lot of people make remakes. I still love SHINee no matter what.
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26 / F / Where ever you are
Posted 5/23/09  Reply  Quote
All of them have a part in it right ?
it sounds like love like oxygen.
but its better than love like oxygen.
its a good song.
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78 / F / SEoul
Posted 5/23/09, Edited 5/23/09  Reply  Quote
i like the video but i wish they could've done more with mask and the song isnt really my favorite
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Posted 5/23/09  Reply  Quote
I like it!
It's sooo much better than Corbin Bleu's Deal With It. xD
I wonder if it'll get featured on Disney Channel. I hope not O.O
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27 / M / Cloud 9.
Posted 5/23/09  Reply  Quote
Wow, i knew i heard this song before. I hate it, a lot. Their music is usually pretty good, but they've gone so low as to redo Corbin Bleu's horrible song? Jesus.. really now?
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Posted 5/23/09  Reply  Quote
I expected more.
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Posted 5/23/09  Reply  Quote
I love SHINee (:
unfourtuantly not really the song.
I love how Jonghyun wrote the lyrics himelf, but i don't really like the song =(
Never really liked the english version in the first place, therefore a remake, not really =( even though it is SHINee <3
About the video, I don't think the scene matched the song XD The song is like upbeat, and the video is like surpose to be romantic? <-- like the Romeo meeting Juliet scene.
Also, if they were gonna do the scene of Romeo and Juliet, might as well rename it as "Juliet" right?
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22 / F / Vietnam
Posted 5/25/09  Reply  Quote
ok..umm...i noticed that a lot of fans did not like the song that much...even in youtube...
and i kinda agree on the thought that sm is running out of ideas/songs for their singers...or something like that...and i even think replay is better than juliette...hihihi...
but what they did is that they bought the song, then changed the lyrics, making them
"copy"(it's not right, but i don't know the right word, sorry!) only the melody....which makes the song 50% original...(that's what i think)

actually, i only like the MV...hihi...i also like the song, but some of the lines were....weird..
gotta admit, even though minho was soo handsome rapping, the 1st few lines were suggestive?
*got the idea from a site which had the eng translation

but in all, i liked it, i just wish they have "original" songs in the 2nd album.

Fighting SHINee!!<3
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26 / F / philippines
Posted 6/8/09, Edited 6/8/09  Reply  Quote
i still love shinee,,
even though their song is the same as corbin bleu,,
SM entertainment bought the copyright
so its legal
and it doesnt matter..
shinee's version is way better that the original..
they put some revisions naman eh...

i super love shinee

so it doesnt matter to me whether they copy other songs
as long as it sounds good..^^


i love their MV
they look mature
esp. taemin..

what a hair taemin..^^


a really new look

two thumbs up^______________^
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22 / F / praying 4 dbsk op...
Posted 6/14/09  Reply  Quote
i loved it so much omg they all looked AMAZING! so hot especially jonghyun and taemin!
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Posted 6/29/09, Edited 6/29/09  Reply  Quote
The dancing is purely AWESOME
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F / England
Posted 11/9/09  Reply  Quote
It's a nice song, I like the chorus especially!
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