Sad Love Story
Alternative Names:


Sad love song

Sad Sonata

Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Year Produced: 2005
Air Date: Jan 5, 2005 to Mar 17, 2005
Episodes: 20
Type: Series
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Fans: 184
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Sad Love Story

  • sunny_a
    gosh i just wanna say that this is my favorite drama ever!! its soo good it makes me happy thinking about it it is sad and one cant help but cry but it just gives me a warm feeling inside i really love this drama
  • mschristina
    It is a sweet loving story that has sadness mixed in with it. It gives you the feeling of having a slice of life to it. The story line is good. Also I did not find the acting having a cheesy, desolate, and, sometimes cliche feeling......
  • zienalove
    first kdrama i ever watched its a very good one
  • redfalcon_101
    I should see but where is the video? how can I watch this? then that will be my sad story...
  • teiasyass
    very succses you make this .. I always cried if watching this drama T.T
  • QUYE
    *tears* it was so sad i cried so much :'( but it was a nice one the acting was awesome...
  • gulzhen
    its the best drama ive ever seen >i sow the last eps 3 times >i cried when i watched it i think u have 2 watch it its grate>>>
  • AssiaB
    It was my first drama and didn't be disappointed! The actors play very well ! I cried a lot when I watched it! It must be wacthed ! & after it, I began to be interested at kdrama.... lol ^_^
  • asiandramaanimeluver
    i love this drama! my bros gf lended her DVD to me, its so sad, but i like it coz it has somthin 2 do with piano =)
  • Matsury
    its realy the sadist story eva i was reading as a manga!!!! I had to cry when I was reading the manga !!
  • ZirconGurl
    what te hell where the clips i wanna watch it
  • twilighter_
    is Kwon Sang Woo i every sad drama?
  • icherrywafflez
    omg i love this drama i cried wen i watched it T^T absolutly love this drama 5 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ and 5 * * * * *
  • 3lyooo
    where r the clips ... wanna watch it
  • yeana
    i want to watch it ....
  • inutag
    This the first Kdrama series i ever watched. its what inspired me to watch Kdramas. i remember watching each episode every thursday on TV and the final episode was released on my 12th birthday. i couldnt have asked for a better bday =' )