Sailor Moon
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Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 1992
Air Date: Mar 7, 1992 to Feb 8, 1997
Episodes: 200
Type: Series
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Sailor Moon


Sailor Moon Is COOL!

my friends come over to my house everyday to watch this anime. We pull down our pants n undergarments and start wanking furiously until my screen looks like flour. The story is so interesting that we even drink our juices as popcorn. We sold our mom.

Always a spot in my heart!

Sailor moon was one of the very first anime series I've ever seen. It's story and moral values are highly respectable, the series also greatly empowers women. Being one of the first magical girl series that would bring the genre in to perspective, Sailor moon will always be a favorite of many people, including myself.
The storyline may have many points repeted but having the ability to have more than 200 monsters/enemies occur through it's series as well as keeping the same repetitive plot line interesting, Sailor moon has sat the bar for magical girl series.
Sailor moon also isn't just for girls. The attire and action can make the series just as fitting for males as well. There are many male characters through the series also.
Sailor moon is timeless and because of it's different attributes, it will always be one of the most memorable series around. Even with it's oldschool visual style~ (Video:6/StoryLine:8/Character Development:8/Rewatch Value:9)
Thank you for being a huge part of my childhood, Naoko. (My adult life as well!! <3 )

These in-fact are personal opinions and reflect only my own opinions.

awesome anime series

sailor moon is very interesting. it deserves a 4 out of 5 stars from me. the animation is good and the music is good to but usagi aka sailor moon is kind of a lazy main character but overall its a good show
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The queen of nostalgia

I've only met a few people in my life with absolutely no knowledge of Sailor Moon. Whether you grew up on it (like I did) or you came fashionably late to the party, it's a classic all its own. The Magical Girl angle has been done a hundred different ways, but Sailor Moon strikes out on its own with the depth of its story and the growth of its characters. For have such a long, popular run, it never lost sight of its goal: empowering young women to believe in themselves and the goodness in others. I can honestly say that Sailor Moon made me feel brave when I was younger, and I hope it does the same for my future children one day. It's timeless. True fact.
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Oh well let's see...Sailor Moon was the first anime I watched in my life. Still now I watch it and then re-watch and again. This show was always in my mind. I really love how the story goes with the Moon Princess who has been in so many hard times but she would always stand up and never give up. The story of it actually encourages me to do that during my hard moments. Although the story of all the fighting is really repeating in every episode, in each episode their are a story. It does get annoying when you keep seeing the same thing but in the lasts episodes of each season it gets really interesting. Sailor Moon is also funny...well to me. For the music, I find it pretty good but it's really old style. Most songs I like but some I really need to listen to them like 10 times before I start liking them. For the characters, I really love Usagi because of her faith, love and all of that. I also like her because she is simply like me:clumsy. The characters are like stereotypes because there is Ami the smart one, Rei the mean girl, Makoto the tomboy with a little feminin touch.etc. The point, I think, of all these stereotypes is that we can all get along. Although sometimes they really annoy me cause they are pretty girly. The animation was terrific! I love how they draw! That's all what I can say.
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Sailor Moon Is So Awesome

Sailor Moon is really awesome, i started watching it when i was just a little kid, younger then 8, and my mum used to buy it and watch it with me, its just about this cat who awakens Usagi and turns her into Sailor Moon, but she is really the Moon Princess, and then later on she finds other scouts, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Jupiter, and they save the universe from evil people thingys,and then Sailor Moons daughter from the future comes back, who turns into Sailor Chibi Moon, and then later, it reveals Sailor Pluto, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, and then Sailor Saturn, and they were Sailor Scouts in their former lives, who must protect the Moon Princess, but i have no idea what happens in the last season cause it isnt in english, and i cant find any of it online that is subbed, but the rest is really awesome.
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