Saiunkoku Monogatari
Alternative Names:

The Story of Saiunkoku

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2007
Air Date: Apr 7, 2007 to Mar 8, 2008
Episodes: 78
Type: Series
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Saiunkoku Monogatari

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Kingdom Political Anime

Due to kingdom political rule, the successor must be from king's family. Other things, King could have more than 2 wife, and so the childrens, whose are going to be King's successor candidates are even more! This competition to be King's successor has made a great brotherhood-war. Each of King's child try to kill each other, the the one survive are the King.

That case also applied to Saiunkoku Kingdom. The Kings fell ill, his sons make a war and chaos to get King's position. Many of them killed or died by poison. This is causes to civilian society. Empire officials can't done anything without their King. But King's advisories choose the youngest King's son to carry on his father duty. The Kings has rest in peace, the youngest King, Ryuki take position as King. But, it's not changing the fettle. Peoples became more poor to pay high tax, many endemic disease, hunger everywhere, violence everywhere, city became graveyard.

Ko Shuurei, smart girl from noble family but she can't relax during people around her suffering. She want to help them, with her father and foster brother, they give free food and teaching children's. She also playing Koto during people she can't save have passed away.

One day, King advisory came to visit and ask her to became King's mistress. Shuurei disagree but she managed to became temporary mistress. The day to day, month to month have passed. King Ryuki start to work properly as true King, thanks to Shuurei to advised him.

One problems solved, another came out. About Sa noble family, their family ring, which is official thing only carried by Sa Leader has gone. Shuurei back to work royal empire to disguise as boy and work for temporary empire officials. Meanwhile, King Ryuki tried to convinced other empire officials to agree with woman allowed to take next empire officials selections exams.

Finally, after may debate and arguing, the next empire officials selection, the women whose managed to pass is Shuurei, she got rank 3. Rank 1 taken by 14 years old boy, To Eigetsu, 2nd Rank taken by unique guy from Ran family, Shuuren. But he just want to pass the exam and didn't work normal like other young state officials, he just gone away to continue his journey.

Eigetsu, too young for empire officials age and Shuurei, the first women officials, both of them receive many task that not concerning as empire official, moreover they have to stay up late to finish other extra works. Sure they tough, and come the day to announce a work placement. Guess what?! Shuurei and Eigetsu got to be Sa province governor, they also receive a symbol of great trust from King. Their first task is solved about Sa noble family, about the ring that gone and convince Sa society about their new governor.

Their task has done after great battle, this occurrence show viewers that this anime also included mystics unsure. But it's sure really political! Every statement they make, they arguing, those words really have meaning.

Every episode shows opening theme, tittle (more to like idioms or something), story, and ending theme (included next episode preview).

I give 4.8 for overall, the music are good, character and their each outfit really fit with the story, storyline.. sometimes, it could be confusing, but there explanation right away. So, you're not going to stuck in mysterious.

==============================SEASON ONE================================
The job as Sa governor not just done like that, there other fact gonna revealed in season two, so,... catch up with it.. OK?!

Some plot highlights, but pacing problems are highly frustrating

I picked this one up because of the general storyline where the brave female lead fights her way through a chauvinistic society of generic feudal China, and ingeniously wends her way through court intrigue.

My overall reaction after watching this is meh. The show was ploddingly generic, from the large cast of mostly unmemorable characters (with few exceptions), to pleasant but meh music, and the backdrop lacked detail and was that of an extremely generic imperial Chinese court. Even the explorations of women's rights were laughably staid.

The plot plodded along for the most part, with a few highlights--enough to keep me watching as I wanted to find out how the challenges that arose were resolved. But increasingly as the series progressed, there were large chunks of episodes where progress was so excruciating slow as to drive a viewer crazy. Start this at your own peril.

A cute drama with a touch of comedy

Saiunkoku Monogatari is filled with beautiful animation, interesting characters, and lovely music. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Shuurei as she works toward meeting her ultimate goal of becoming a state official and the friends that encourage her along the way!