Saiunkoku Monogatari II
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彩雲国物語 第2シリーズ The Story of Saiunkoku Second Series Saiunkoku Monogatari 2nd Series Tale of Saiunkoku 2nd Series Color Cloud Palace 2nd Season

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2007
Episodes: 39
Type: Series
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Saiunkoku Monogatari II

who do you think shuurei loves truly?
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Posted 10/23/08  Reply  Quote
i think that Shuurei loves Ryuuki...........i think maybe she also love her career. ahhhh! it's too confusing! i don't know what she loves more, but the thing that i believe more is that she loves Ryuuki!!!
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Posted 11/20/08  Reply  Quote
I think Shuurei loves Ryuuki!!!
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F / malaysia
Posted 11/21/08  Reply  Quote
im really sure her truly love is ryuuki,coz he is the only guy in her mind !!! and she can cry just because of him!
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30 / F / USA
Posted 11/22/08  Reply  Quote
offcourse Ryuuki
but she care about her career too but for ppl sake
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24 / F / .....In this world
Posted 11/23/08  Reply  Quote
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30 / F / navy brat sweet
Posted 11/23/08  Reply  Quote
this is a hard question..i want 2 say ryuuki but at the same time its like she wants to work more...
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25 / F / Tokyo,Japan
Posted 12/24/08  Reply  Quote
Shuurei loves Ryuuki. But, off course,she also loves her career--that's why she's been described as
workaholic. Regarding the issue 'bout Shureei X Sakujun, Shuurei just got hooked on him for the fact that he
and Ryuuki are quite the same which reminded her a lot about ryuuki. The question is.. Why did Shuurei cried so hard when Sakujun died? Well, simply bcoz she felt so guilty about it--knowing that she's the real one who killed him and the reason beyond it without her knowing. One thing more, when Sakujun asked shuurei to call him by his name, shuurei refused. But, when it comes to ryuuki,she easily calls him by his name without any hesitations--that's another hint! she sees ryuuki as he is and not an emperor itself. another thing, shuurei told sakujun that she sees him only as his Young master and none other that! and he has no position or rank in her heart. I've watched it several times that's why I came to understand thae real story. Now, about the last episode of 2nd season, no wonder, shuurei will finally accept ryuuki's proposal. cause if she won't,she din't accepted ryuuki's deal with her ryt?! It would be damping if she accepted it and in the end,reject it! Shuurei's not that cruel even though she's quite dense!!! well, I must say, that's a one good hint! and a few words to those ryuuki haters, you don't know him that much!! how he suffered when he was young and up till now!! You must not judge the book by it's cover!! get to know him first.. I'm not saying that I like him, It's just that,I understand why such people loved him so much. They're all supporting him,so don't be a BUG!!! And anyways, who's the main character of the story? I know you knew it~~then,so be it! BULLSEYE!!1.
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23 / F / ????
Posted 12/25/08  Reply  Quote
of course she loves ryuuki..shes doing her career for the country and him..which is the emperor of saiunkoku ^^ but theres multiple bishies so i dun really noe who 2 vote 4..^^
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25 / F / philippines
Posted 12/31/08  Reply  Quote
well.. in my own understanding.. i think Shuurei loves Ryuuki but only shown indirectly through her love for her career.. She works hard in her job so as to help Ryuuki to manage his government.. that's all.. hehe^_^"
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24 / M / singapore~~
Posted 1/4/09  Reply  Quote
confusing....for me i think she love ryuuki more but after looking at everyone comment,i don't know anymore...
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30 / F / Athens, Greece.
Posted 1/6/09  Reply  Quote

sessho wrote:

bitterlight wrote:

I'm guessing you're an Ensei fan. huh???
I adore Ensei for his manliness!!! ^_____^ be frank,


1. Seiran => two-faced guy with a dark past (used to admire Seiran the most though).
2. Sakujun => handsome manipulative sociopath.
3. Eigetsu => sorry, too young.
4. Kouyuu => his hair sucks and he always gets lost. How would Shuurei ever feel safe with him??
5. Shuuei => still pining for a lost love (I wonder who she is??).
6. Hyou Riou Senior and Junior => they need to do something about their hair and social skills (unfriendly and too mysterious).
7. Ryuuren => interesting and humorous character, but he just doesn't have that boyfriend image. Appears to be a permanent wanderer (imagine falling for such a guy! how would one start a family??)
8. The other men who are unlisted=> are too old for Shuurei!!

I prefer people like Ensei who are mature, not scheming and NOT WHINY~
OH AND Tantan-kun ROCKS!

hahahahahhahahaha well said for most of them
(Seiran and Ryuuki are mostly alike but I prefer Ryuuki's hair style and the color of Seirans hair!)
In any case Kouyuu is the kind of guy I would fall for but he does not fit her!
Anyway to answer to your question about Shuuei she is the one that is being controled and is in love with Shuurei's father.
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Posted 1/21/09  Reply  Quote
I think she loves Ryuuki although she doesn't understand her feelings towards him and always focusing on work/career. She just maybe doesn't understand her feelings for him. Or maybe she doesn't want to love someone because she thinks it's hard to move on when the person she loves dies. Like Sakujun, right? She loves him but then died.
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24 / F / hiding on a rando...
Posted 2/9/09  Reply  Quote
If Shuurei's career was a clock, then her love for Ryuuki would be the exquisite, delicate gears, and her energy would be the pendalum...but again, her love for Ryuuki cannot be compared to a clock, which is a measure of time, since their love can't be measured anyways. So I'd like to think of her love as the most unlimited form of time--ongoing, undying, and for all eternity.
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29 / F / philippines
Posted 2/26/09  Reply  Quote
Shuurei loves Ryuuki so much & we know it,she's just trying to be best at her career to prove that women can also do good in politics
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Posted 3/7/09  Reply  Quote
What about seiran? everything he does is to get closer to shuurie, or to protect her in some way. Yes he has a past so what everyone does it all for love or nothing at all, and i think that seiran would probably murder anyone that she choose. and take over the kingdom!!!!!!!!!!!!
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