Saiunkoku Monogatari II
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彩雲国物語 第2シリーズ The Story of Saiunkoku Second Series Saiunkoku Monogatari 2nd Series Tale of Saiunkoku 2nd Series Color Cloud Palace 2nd Season

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2007
Episodes: 39
Type: Series
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Saiunkoku Monogatari II


"The Hardships of Youth Are Worth Bearing"

Colourcloud Palace (season 2)

After finally Shurei Hong and To Eigetsu made in time, they officially became the governor of Sa province. A women and teenager lead the province? There people whose also disagree. They made a big scenario, to make new Sa province governor fired. There a issue about new dease on Korin district which spread to all villagers, it’s said that the God mad because the new leader are women. So people thinks it’s Shurei fault. More people, even the officials in Imperial court start agree this unknown-source issue, they also told Shurei to be killed by Jasenkyou so the dease could stop. Shurei sure this isn’t because her status. Eigetsu felt there mysterious things related to his past with the current situation. After several discuss, risk agreement, and also big help from Seiran and other wise mans, case resolved. From here the bond between Eigetsu and Korin more stronger. Shurei herself felt glad, a young girl whose also help her said her future to became imperials officials.

Shurei’s great act made her been unemployed. She has been banned from imperials officials. Even though she got banned, she still do some research on socials. Then new case came, famous artist had been missing while there’s rumors about counterfeit around. After it solved, she start over her Carrier as freshman officials. Together with TanTan and senior Inspector Seiga, Shurei begin her new day as imperial official.

Aside official things, Ko Kuro, the head family of Ko noble, arrange Ri Koyu as Shurei’s fiance. Kuro just discuss it with Koyu, he hope Koyu want to be the next Ko family leader. Meanwhile Reishin, Koyu’s foster father have special reason why he didn’t put Ko name on Koyu, this is to let Koyu have his own future, not bonded with the Ko family.

Not just Koyu who confused in romantic. Shi Ryuuki, the emperor always dodge away when he were asked about his wife will be. To Ryuuki himself, his love just only for Shurei, but he can’t tell the officials. Then it has been set on, Jyusan-Hime from Ran family noble would be the emperor wife. Even looks so, this just to covered Ran family personal problems. Even Ran Shuuei return Ryuuki’s sword which is the symbol of Emperor trustness. In another side Shusui were possessed and lost her self-control by killing some officials and soldiers. Jin Shiba, old friend of Shuuei and also Jyusan-Hime’s ex-fiance, also had been involved. Ko Shouka, whose responsible for Shusui, accompany the Emperor and Jyusan-hime on their ‘honeymoon’. Because of Emperor slackness's three of them get separately. Ryuuki finish his business with Shuuei. Jyusan-Hime had some discussion with Jin. Shouka, the Black Wolf has a clear explanation from Shusui. Shuurei and Ro Ensei solved the economic problem about salt. All of them back from Ran province with a good result.
The last scene in this series, Ryuuki and Shuurei talk about their future. Shuurei said the deadline time for Ryuuki to win her and marry her, but no one knows. I bet she said “till you win me”, but it could be like this too: “until the death come to us”. Well, you make it your own version.
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Anime Girl with Brains

I've watched this series a couple of times, and I still find it absolutely enjoyable.

My favorite facet of the show is the strong female lead. As a girl watching anime, it's incredibly frustrating to see the horde of anime leads that are stupid, clumsy, or socially non-functioning to the point of being nearly autistic or sociopathic. This series features a girl who isn't afraid to work hard for the things she wants, who cares for the people around her without becoming a doormat for them, and who feels like a real person to me. Granted, it's a reverse harem show; it's a given that almost every man who sees her will fall for her at least a little, but I feel like I can at least see why. And thankfully, she doesn't spend the entire series mooning over her feelings for all of them. As a young girl with relatively no love experience, she has questions and doubts, but they never get in the way of her true dream, to become a government official.

Storyline: I enjoy the overall story of Shuurei, as well as the occasional elements of mysticism and larger storylines in the background.

Music: This is the show's weakest point. The soundtrack fits the story, but I couldn't just listen to it on its own.

Characters: If I say the secondary characters aren't as developed as they could be, it's the griping of a fan who has already watched the series and wants to know more!

Animation: The animation is pretty and smooth, though compared to other shows with their CG extravaganzas it's pretty tame.