Sanada Yukimura
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Sanada Yukimura

Sanada Yukimura (真田 幸村; Seiyu: Ogata Megumi) is a famous general who lost the battle of Sekigahara and ultimately Japan. He escaped Kudoyama and planned the assassination of Tokugawa Ieyasu, though it was never carried out. Yukimura travels with Kyo in order to defeat the Mibu Clan and Oda Nobunaga. In doing so, this would free Japan from the Mibu Clan's shadow governing and give Yukimura a chance at taking over Japan.

Yukimura is shadowed by three members of the Sanada Jūyūshi: Sarutobi Sasuke, Saizo, and his Kagemusha (or decoy) Anayama Kosuke. His sword techniques are unnamed, but he uses the Sekireigan, which was taught to him by Anri. Yukimura can utilize the Sekireigan to access extreme speed, but Anri instructed him to never use it more than five times a day.

Yukimura hates Ieyasu more than anything. It is interesting to note that historically, Yukimura had already fought Ieyasu's son, Hidetada (Benitora), at the battle of Ueda Castle. This is briefly mentioned in the Anime and possibly the manga. It is a battle which is believed to have ended in Yukimura's loss.

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