Sasuke Uchiha
Last Name: Uchiha
First Name: Sasuke
Gender: Male
Hometown: Konoha
Birthday: July 23
Blood Type: AB
Type: Person
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Sasuke Uchiha

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Uchiha Sasuke - The last of the Uchiha Clan

Sasuke Uchiha is a rival of the main character Naruto, in the series "Naruto" In the first part of the series, Sasuke constantly buttsheads with Naruto, too compete with him and try to prove that he himself is better. Sasuke wants revenge against his brother Itacthi. So he left the Leaf Village to learn new jutsu and become stronger by Orochimaru. Later in the series, Naruto always looks back on his former teammate Sasuke. He knows he has to become stronger in order to get Sasuke back, so that makes Naruto try twice ashard. As you can see, sasuke is a huge influential character on the series, even though he is not present in alot of episodes later in anime.

He is a well thought out character and well drawn.
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Sasuke's future and past

sasuke has been through a lot of pain , first he loses his family the having such high expectation to be the best he never cares about anything more than taking revenge on itachi his brother

However, a change in his character starts the moment he is defeated by the person he tries to kill itachi ,sasuke trains hard to get even stronger
then he realizes that Naruto has become stronger than him, and the feeling of helplessness, the feeling that he has been wasting his time drives all rational though out of his mind. He forgets caring for his teammates, banishes all feelings beside hatred, and leaves his friends.

In three years time, when he appears again, it seems like Sasuke has completely and irreversibly changed into a cold-blooded murderer; not even killing his best friend is a sin anymore if it gets him closer to his goal of killing his prey. Only after he succeeds in his revenge, and the tragic past is revealed to him, does Sasuke understand the sacrifices made so his life would be spared, and his soul is thrust into even deeper darkness.
sasuke never cares what happens to him he just wants revenge. after joining the akatsuke, sasuke's determination to kill and destroy the hidden leaf gets bigger.
sasuke becomes stronger as the hunt for the tailed beasts like naruto and killer bee .
With his team mates the go to capture bee. In that battle Sasuke was forced to use amaterasu to save him and his team mates
later on he searches foe danzo the up coming hokage in eger of anger raigage steps out to fight along with temari, kanguro and Gaara all of them againts sasuke. his team mates jugo and sugeist fight along with him but after a while gets defeated karin who sasuke sent of to sence where danzo is . sasuke manages to get away and find danzo. Danzo tries to get away with his men as the rest stays back trying to kill him.
As Sasuke reaches the ede of dieing madara telaports him and karin some where else as he declared war of the five nations. in that other place karin heals sasuke and they set of to fight danzo
in the match sasuke uses susanoo as the risk of death as danzo was killed sakura kakashi and naruto comes and they battles sasuke but after a while madara teleports he and sasuke to his lair and then repairing sasuke's sharingan
karin was tooken back to the leaf and questioned.
she never answered.
you can find out more by watching naruto shippuden
thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it
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sasuke is really cool

sasuke. i love sasuke. you can rate this post as unhelpful if you want but you cannot diminish my love for sasuke. he has a smexy duckbutt haircut and a beautiful purple skirt. everyone loves him ok naruto sakura ino orochimaru itachi (rest in pieces) karin suigetsu probably. one time he knocked over a glass of water. hes a 10/10
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the future avanger sasuke

Sasuke uchiha was in the team of naruto and sakura .they sensei name was kakashi hatake .sasuke, who' searching power,decided to go on orochimaru. Few years passed is now obtained the power desired and he kill orochimaru
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Short summary of Sasuke Uchiha

As you all know Sasuke Uchiha is the brother of former akatsuki Itachi. Itachi loved him so much even if it doesn't seem he does.he spared his life until he can defeat him one day.
he hated Itachi for killing his clan.Sasuke and Itachi love each other he defended itachi when a random person said itachi killed his clan for no reason and is just stupid (something like that.) sasuke would stand up for him. Sasuke also wanted to be like Itachi he was jealous Itachi was better than him when he was 7 .Calling him "Emo" isn't right you just don't know how it was his whole family getting killed by his own brother's hands.

sasuke uchiha Abilities

Sasuke in cursed seal level two form using the Chidori.

Sasuke has always been able to grasp most ninja abilities with ease. When Naruto begins Sasuke is highly proficient with the Uchiha clan's signature fire-breathing and weapon-based techniques, talents he continues to hone throughout the series. Of the abilities gained through his Uchiha lineage, Sasuke most commonly uses the Sharingan, an ability manifested through the eyes and allows the user to see through most jutsu. Sasuke's Sharingan develops for the duration of Part I, first only allowing him to track fast-moving objects and steal jutsu, culminating with his ability to predict the movements of others. In Part II he starts to use his Sharingan to cast illusions, allowing him to manipulate and confuse others. Sasuke's Sharingan reaches its peak after Itachi's death; through the death of the person closest to him, Sasuke awakens his own Mangekyo Sharingan, gaining all of Itachi's Mangekyo techniques. However, he quickly pushes his Mangekyo Sharingan to its limits and, almost completely blind, has Madara transplant Itachi's eyes, giving him the perfected Mangekyo Sharingan.

Orochimaru's influence is also a recurring element of Sasuke's abilities. During their first encounter in Part I, Sasuke is branded with a cursed seal, which grants him a brief surge in strength and speed when active. Sasuke's various uses of the seal cause him to crave more of its power as he enters to a second level amplifying the effect and drastically changing his appearance. When Sasuke begins to train under Orochimaru, his physical abilities are greatly enhanced and he learns how to summon snakes and then hawks to help him in battle. In addition to the techniques taught to him, Sasuke gains access to some of Orochimaru's more common abilities during the period he absorbs him into his body; Sasuke is able to recover from injuries in short periods of time and can regurgitate new bodies for himself. Itachi removes Orochimaru and the cursed seal from Sasuke's body during their final battle.