School Days Game
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School Days Game

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Be Careful of who you love... A Review of The School-Days Game

So what is School Days?? This is an adult visual novel/eroge was developed by "Overflow" and published by "Stack" game productions that came out on April 28th 2005. An all age’s version was released/published by Inter-channel for the Ps2 by on January 17, 2008 as well. The Ps2 Special edition/normal version of the game came with a limited edition "ova" in-titled "School Days-Valentines Days" which is much more light/heart-full to watch than the dreadful anime series. Another Ova came out in-titled "Magical Heart Kokoro-chan" which is just a magical school girl parody that came out March 26th 2008.

This visual novel/eroge also has an anime adoption produced/animated by "TNK" that aired from July 3, 2007 – September 27, 2007. I have such a hatred for the anime adaptation that I will never write a review for. So if any of the other reviewers want to review the anime be my guest. The only other related media is a two volume manga which I have yet to read, also the two spin off games "summer-days" and "cross-days" that re also available for the PC but no patches have come out for these games.

This game has to either have some of the most tearful or tragic endings that I have ever seen in any game. I have never been so disturbed or moved by something based on what your choices can do. With this out of the way School Days has to be the most interesting adult visual novel I have ever played to date despite it being six years old now. What I happen to love most about this game is the amount of possibility or endings that you can achieve within the game due to it being a "tree-branch game". You have the ability to choose the ending deepening on branching actions you make that lead will either allow you to make more deep decision or cut off your short ending in more uninteresting endings.

One example of the endings is that you can get two girls at the same time "Sekai and Kothana and they are both pregnant" or to the other extreme where the male lead "Matoko" is killed and dies alone. With such level of degree on endings it just gives me the feeling that I really do have control over the character in which determines the final verdict at the end. Now as I have stated before this game is for people only over the age of eighteen for the explicit sex scenes which is not for the kiddies, so sorry but please go find something else to play like Umineko or Clannad if you want to play a visual novel.

As of now, in this game I have gotten over ten different endings so far out of whopping twenty one endings total. This has taken a great total of time out of my life but to be honest I have had fun so far. I love ever character despite Matoko on how you play can be the biggest asshole in the world in which deserves more than a slow painful death. I know a lot of people out there hate this male lead so much for some reasons or other. I can not bring myself to hate him despite being the massive douche that he really his, "especially in the anime adaptation" which there is no excuse for his actions..

Despite the way Matoko is, for some reason I just feel some level of connection to him so I do understand why he did it. Matoko starts off shy, clumsy and in the end being pushed to be aggressive from an outside source and then loses all self-control becoming a self centered prick. As of now I fell like that I am personally stuck at the point now in my life, thus making me a no worse than him on a lot of levels but I can at least recognize what not to do. Even though this is all fiction I still find it a hard not to connect to these characters on a lot of levels and In all honesty that's why good fiction is suppose to do.

Just to let all of you know this game is coming to America from "Jastusa" so please support the new version called "School Days HQ" when it does come to America in 2012. The game will be fully uncensored and will be for the PC of course "I have no word Mac Os Compatibility". This version is a updated version of the game that came out last year for the 5 year anniversary of the original release of the game. Also this version has even more endings with new good/bad of course and a massive upgrade to the art work to near "High-Definition" quality so it is a warranted purchase in the end.

The music is really a great high point even with the tragic ending song that still makes me cry. The animation it's self is also something to be behold as well despite the age as well. This happens to be the first fully animated visual novel that makes it feel like your actually watching a show. This game takes up a whopping 7.8 gigs of Hard-Drive space and I just shiver to think how much lager School Days HQ is going to be. Everything in the game is fully voiced over even down to the tiniest of the character roster which is still just amazing.

Yes it does sound like that I am just kissing "overflow's" ass, but this game does have some faults as well. The two big flaws are that some latter choices really don't affect the outcome that much it just adds some different scenes. However in one route your choices also go form one extreme to the other such as the best ending possible to the entire game, to the worst ending possible in just once choice. This is just highly unbalanced and I hope is fixed in the newer version because one choice should not affect your effort that much.

This is a wonderful Visual Novel but I personally cannot, recommend this for the faint of heart. There are moments in the story where I just wanted to slap some of the minor characters across the face, due in part of their horrible nature/attitude towards other characters, which makes you feel some pity... This Visual Novel as of now still absorbs a lot of my time, and despite all of the flaws It is really enjoyable to read/play and I guarantee that you will never be bored “epically with the all of the nice murder endings”. Okay that’s all I have to say on this so peace out and love to you all.

-Rating 4/5
-Age Rating 18+