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Sekirei: Pure Engagement

Year Produced: 2008
Air Date: Jul 2, 2008 to Sep 26, 2010
Episodes: 26
Type: Series
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One of the best series out there

One of the best shows out there. The male protagonist isn't as wimpy or air-headed as the guys in many of the anime shows I've watched so far. I'm just praying they have a third season. Way too many anime series never get a real ending (Ah! My Goddess and Rosario + Vampire, for example).
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AWSOME ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!

Sekirei is one of the best animes. A boy by the name of Minato, is surounded by 4 Lovley women ;) and a little girl named 'Ku" ,a male that changes his body to the needs of his master (not by choice). Its kinda creepy but OK. Sekirei and Sekirei Pure Engagement are both good the second season being more appropriate than the first. Funimation REALLY did it this time ;D

Simply the Best HAREM Anime Ever

If you love Harem anime then this is "The Holly Grail" of Harem anime.
Two Seasons and Im still waiting for season 3.
The story revolves around Minato Sahashi became the Ashikabi of the North. after winging his fifth and sixth Sekirei. Most Ashikabi only have a single Sekirei, however, and thus these 'Big Four' are exceptions.
Minato finds himself involved in a game the crazy genius scientist two university students, Minaka Hiroto (future MBI chairman) and Takami Sahashi (future MBI head researcher and Minato's mother who found a space ship full of an advance life form called seikirei.
Originally only The first of them, the pillar, shown as #01[1] was an adult, and was not a Sekirei.
Eight (later known as #02-09) were embryos.
Ninety-nine others (later known as #10-108) were fertilized eggs.
The Original single digits were insanly powerful and gardian of the baby embryos .
Minaka Hiroto reversed engineering of the advance alien technology made him Super billionaire and powerful Corporate.
But being eccentric,crazy intelligent and bored he comes up with the Seikirei plan
were the 107 have to fight each other till the bitter end and only one standing.
The winner gets any wish they have granted.
Notr Sekirei's live to love their ashikabis or masters.
making this a Harem delight.
By the way,lots of voluptuous naked women.

My review for Sekirei

Supporting Characters: 9
Lead Characters: 6
Plot: 7
Animation: 8
Ending: 8


This anime is good for a laugh and not to be taken seriously at all. It's a cheesy, ecchi/harem just expect that going in. I'll still recommend it because it always seemed to make me smile.
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Oh Wow...Great Anime

Lol the title says it all and its very true.

Storyline 4.5/5
Its is a great storyline funny and with plenty of action. only reason why its not 5 stars it does what i think is a poor job explaining whats really happening. You don't fully understand the story until later on and still its a bit sketchy. Even with the bad explaining the story is pretty simple and easy to grasp.

Music 5/5
personally i like the beginning song but its gets 5 stars for the ending song. I usually can careless about the music because i skip over it but the end song i have to listen to i don't know what it is. Its extremely catchy and if you watch it its also kind of amusing.

Characters 5/5
i absolutely love the characters in this anime. Overall as a whole this anime has probably the most amusing characters. I can say that pretty confidently each character you cant but help to fall in love with. The large breast on each is just but a mild add on. Each can be extremely funny in their own aspects and i don't want to go into detail about each separate one you'll just have to watch it and find out

Animation 5/5
Great artwork, Good fight scenes, excellent Sexiness 0_o they did alot of things right in this anime that will make alot of people extremely happy. Funimation just pulled off another winner all i can say

Overall 5/5
Great anime one of the the best I've seen and the best thing to happen to anime since the amazing trifecta(one piece, bleach,naruto) of shoenn jump. Cant wait to see this anime unfold and how they keep going on with it.

Sekirei is a great view!!!

I have a feeling that this anime will have another season. I have seen Sekirei as well as Sekirei Pure Engagement. In both the last episodes were left with hints that there is more to come. The humans that are called"Ashikabi" means that they have a unique ability to unlock their spells and become extremely strong than they were before. The main character is Minato Sahashi he is an unassuming man. But he manages to be that Ashikabi to 6 count them 6 Sekirei's. However the one around Minato are very buxom and curvaceous with the exception of one. I found this anime to be very entertaining. I am looking forward to the future episodes.